The Unlimited Program

Take the guesswork out of pregnancy and learn The Thompson Method.

A proven method that's reducing the risk of complications for Women in labour, at birth and with breastfeeding.

Why are more and more Women turning to The Thompson Method?

Because Women are getting tired of being rushed through the hospital system.  They’re becoming more aware and protective over their bodies and their babies.  They’re understanding that what happens during labour and birth, greatly influences their breastfeeding experience.

Too many unsuspecting First Time Mothers are suffering unnecessary trauma for two reasons:

They aren’t adequately informed about the potential challenges that exist in today's hospital system and....

They don’t  have a good understanding of the basic principles on which to make informed decisions, when it matters most.

The Thompson Method is evidence based birth and breastfeeding education and support helping Women prevent common birth & breastfeeding complications.  It is a proven method that is challenging outdated practices and drastically improving breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.


Created by founder of The Thompson Method and breastfeeding specialist Dr Robyn Thompson

How Does The Program Work?

As a member of The Better Birth and Breastfeeding Program, you'll learn The Thompson Method and become informed and empowered during pregnancy, in preparation for your labour, birth and breastfeeding experience.

Pre-Birth Education PLUS PostNatal Breastfeeding Support

You get the best of both worlds.  Be fully informed and prepared BEFORE you give birth, then have the reassurance of daily support once you arrive home breastfeeding your little baby for a full 6 weeks!!

Access to Dr Robyn's library of online courses

Not only do you receive amazing support from Dr Robyn, you'll gain LIFETIME access to her ENTIRE library of online education so that you (and your partner) can become informed and empowered, ready for giving birth in the hospital system.

Membership to Private Facebook Group with Daily Q&A Sessions

You're bound to have plenty of questions, particularly as your due date approaches and in those first few days and weeks.  Join the group and get your questions answered in a members-only Daily Q&A session with Dr Robyn and her trusted team.

FREE download of the Ebook 'The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding Success'

A comprehensive written account of The Thompson Method taking you on a journey from the first very breastfeed through to avoid low milk volume.  

30% Member discount on Private One on One Consultations

As a member of this program, you'll receive a 30% discount when booking a Private Consultation with Dr Robyn.

The Better Birth & Breastfeeding Program

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE  Due to the nature of this program, Dr Robyn can only provide support to a limited number of Women each month.


Daily Q&A Sessions with Dr Robyn and her team - value $297

Access to Dr Robyn's entire library of online programs - value $1497

Membership to the BBB Facebook Group - value at $497

Ongoing guidance and support from Dr Robyn as required - priceless!

Invest In Your Future

Fact:  A least 93% of Women having babies in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK intend to breastfeed at the time of giving birth but only 15% are still exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months


My Promise To You

"My mission is to share my knowledge and experience of over 4 decades as a midwife with you, the Woman.  My aim is to educate and inform you to become the confident Breastfeeding Mother you were innately born to be.  

As a Mother, a Midwife and a Grandmother, it's very disheartening for me to see so many women present with complications that are painful and often quite traumatic.  I would really like to see a change, in my lifetime,  so that together, we can reduce unnecessary intervention during labour and birth and improve breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.

My promise to you as your guide, is that I will provide as much information and support as I can to give you the best opportunity to experience a natural and gentle birth and successful breastfeeding journey.


I will reassure you, guide you and support you in times of uncertainty and encourage you to trust your maternal instincts.  And I will stay with you so that you can continue to breastfeed your baby with confidence for as long as you choose."

- Dr Robyn Thompson

What Mothers Have to Say

Real Women. Real Stories.

I am confident I would not still be breastfeeding my now four month old son, had a friend not recommended the Thompson Method.    Having Robyn’s help in this emotionally and physically demanding newborn phase was amazing.   She empowered me with both the knowledge and encouragement I needed in a very difficult time.   As a result, Wilson & I are successfully continuing on our breastfeeding journey together."


"Robyn’s support, wisdom and unfailing kindness during my early struggles with painful breastfeeding, enabled me to continue. Ultimately my breastfed baby and I thrived together as I gained the confidence and knowledge to stick with it. Later, during my child’s difficult illness, Robyn’s unstinting and invaluable encouragement to continue breastfeeding made all the difference. The Thompson Method was my go-to resource after the recent birth of my second baby, who is now thriving like our older child.  I have confidently recommended Robyn's breastfeeding education to some of my new mum friends as they tackle their early breastfeeding journeys."

"I was struggling emotionally and physically with breastfeeding after the birth of my child. Every feed was excruciating due to terrible nipple damage and I was becoming anxious each time my baby was due to feed. Robyn was so kind and supportive to me during this time. She explained simple methods and helped me understand the anatomy of a good attachment so I could better problem solve on my own. She taught me techniques and together we created a plan. Because of Robyn's support I felt encouraged to persevere and had hope that I could achieve pain free breastfeeding. And I did! I am so grateful for Robyn, she was my breastfeeding angel!"



“I didn’t get nipple damage.  I didn’t hurt once.  They never even got tender.  This has been the BEST breastfeeding experience during the first few weeks.  Thank you” 


"Just wanted to send a friendly message to say thank you so much for what you do. Because of your course I have had a very successful breastfeeding journey so far with my now 6 week old. He is so happy and is packing on the Kgs... I definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Thompson Method️ x

If only I had met her before... Feeding is no longer a boobie war, feeding was a battle field. Robyn has guided me through, has spent devoted time genuinely caring for my feeds. When I want to give up she is my strength,  and my pillar to continue such a beautiful gift."




Frequently Asked Questions

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Birth & Breastfeeding Experience

Join The Better Birth & Breastfeeding Program with instant access for the introductory price of only $297.00 AUD, or 3 monthly payments of only $99.

Participate and learn with Dr Robyn as your guide so that you are empowered and fully prepared for childbirth AND receive breastfeeding support once you arrive home with your newborn baby for 6 weeks!


If this program sounds amazing, but cash flow is an issue, consider our payment plan of 3 monthly payments of only $99.00.






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