The Breastfeeding Club

An interactive club with education and support designed to help soon-to-be (first time or experienced) mothers prevent common breastfeeding complications with breastfeeding expert and founder of The Thompson Method, Dr Robyn Thompson.


(For Pregnant Women passionate about breastfeeding)

Be prepared for your breastfeeding journey by being well-informed during pregnancy and prevent common complications using The Thompson Method.

Learn from Dr Robyn Thompson, breastfeeding expert and founder of The Thompson Method, that what happens during labour and birth, greatly influences your breastfeeding experience. 


The Breastfeeding Club is a monthly membership where you'll learn The Thompson Method and interact with other women as you approach your due date with the aim of successfully breastfeeding your baby.


If you’re pregnant and determined to breastfeed your baby, this club is for you.

7 Day Free Trial

If you decide to stay past 7 days pay just $49.00/mo



Access to Private Facebook Group

Regular LIVE Breastfeeds

Download of Birth/Breastfeeding Plan

Daily Q&A Sessions and Watch Parties

Access to Dr Robyn's online education

The Thompson Method Course

Newborn Breastfeeding Course

Pain-Free Breastfeeding Course

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How does it work?

Register online and create your account to access the online education online

Join the group and browse the conversations and look around


Participate in the weekly ‘Watch Parties’ where you get to watch videos from the online education and ask questions

Participate in the daily LIVE Q&A Sessions with Dr Robyn

Download the ‘Birth & Breastfeeding Plan’ template and start creating your own

If there’s anything you don’t understand about the education, ask a question!

Observe LIVE breastfeeds or participate in a LIVE Breastfeed with Dr Robyn

Monthly membership can be cancelled at any time.  No minimum stay.

How will this club benefit you?

If you're feeling anxious, stressed or confused, find clarity and reassurance by having access to expert information and trusted support

Build your confidence and feel fully prepared for your birth and breastfeeding experience

Take the guess work out of those early hours and days of breastfeeding

Fact:  At least 93% of women intend to breastfeed at the time of giving Birth but only 15% are still exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months.

Why?:  We believe that too many first time mothers are experiencing situations in hospital that they were not prepared for.

Created by World Renowned Breastfeeding Expert
Dr Robyn Thompson

Dr Robyn Thompson


The Breastfeeding Club was created by Dr Robyn Thompson, midwife with over 45 years experience and founder of The Thompson Method.  She is an internationally renowned breastfeeding consultant and an expert in nipple trauma. 

Dr Robyn was awarded a PhD for her research into why so many women were presenting with painful nipple trauma in the early postnatal period after being discharged from hospital.  Her method has helped thousands of women successfully breastfeed their babies, some over horrific nipple damage.  

Dr Robyn's aim is to inform women during pregnancy in the hope of PREVENTING these common breastfeeding complications in the first instance.

"A woman's pregnancy, her labour, the birth of her baby and breastfeeding are unique transitions to be achieved in her own good time." - Dr Robyn Thompson

What's different about The Thompson Method?

The information being shared in this club and on this website is by Dr Robyn Thompson who was awarded a PhD for her research into why so many women were experiencing painful nipple trauma in the early postnatal period.


The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding that challenges commonly taught, forceful techniques that are closely associated with painful breastfeeding complications.  It is quite different to what’s being taught in most hospitals.


By adopting The Thompson Method you will be less likely to experience breastfeeding complications and more likely to experience a positive breastfeeding outcome.

Dr Robyn with Kate and Finley (2016)

The Thompson Method is currently being tested by research in one of Australia’s leading maternity hospitals, The Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane and recognised by more and more health professionals every day.  The aim is to improve breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.


What other women are saying

My breastfeeding experience with my first child was awful.  I was determined to make the experience completely different with my second.  Robyn's videos in this course helped give me a better understanding of how I could be more in control.

I was pregnant when I completed the program and I found the videos to be really helpful.  There was a lot of information in there that I just wasn't aware of.


Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia


Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Thank you Robyn for sharing your knowledge like this.  I feel so much more confident that I will be able to breastfeed my little bub. 

After seeing a few different Lactation Consultants, a friend recommended that I check out this website.  Since doing the course, I made the adjustments that Robyn suggested and it feels so much better now when I breastfeed.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

After a few hiccups in the first 1 - 4 weeks with attachment, painful nipples and high volume I disregarded the information I was given from the hospital and referred back to the Thompson Method.  The Thompson Method has been fantastic and without the knowledge I gained I feel I wouldn't have progressed to where I am now with breastfeeding.  


Bendigo, VIC, Australia

I am a midwife and have just completed the program and have found it very easy to follow. I have also started to put it into practice and found it very easy to show the women the correct technique and it works. Thankyou


Adelaide, South Australia

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