Avoid Pain and Feel Fully Prepared for Breastfeeding

Learn the proven method to gently guide you towards pain-free breastfeed for as long as you choose.

You deserve to breastfeed comfortably, with a good latch and a happy, healthy baby.

The most advanced program of its kind anywhere!

Be informed.  Be Empowered. Be Prepared
with The Thompson Method.



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6 Modules

50+ HD Videos

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Bonus 1: Quick Start Video Series to Pain-Free Breastfeeding

Bonus 2: The ‘3 Golden Hours’ Quick Start Video Series Walk-Through

Bonus 3: Teething, Weaning and Returning to Work


Who Is This Course For?

If you are pregnant and want to breastfeed, but without the pain

If you have endured previous breastfeeding challenges and would like to enjoy breastfeeding this time

If other information you've seen or heard so far has been inconsistent and conflicting and has left you feeling confused and frustrated.

If You're Worried About Pain, You're Not Alone
Pain is the #1 Reason Why Women Give Up Breastfeeding

It's quite normal to feel anxious or concerned about whether breastfeeding will be painful,

particularly if you've had to endure painful breastfeeding in the past.

But the good news is, with this gentle approach, you can get breastfeeding off to a great start!

How much time are you spending worrying about:

Whether breastfeeding will be painful?

Engorgement and mastitis?

Whether you'll have enough milk?

Giving up before you're ready?

Research has shown that forceful techniques currently being taught in most hospitals are closely linked to nipple pain and trauma.
Information from friends, family, social media, even some health professionals within the hospital system, often result in one of these things happening:

You're bombarded with inconsistent, conflicting advice leaving you more confused than ever before

You hear horror stories, making you even more fearful

You start doubting your own instincts


Introducing, Dr Robyn Thompson

45+ Years a Midwife and Breastfeeding Consultant

Dr Robyn Thompson


The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program was created by Dr Robyn Thompson, midwife with over 45 years experience and founder of The Thompson Method.  She is an internationally renowned breastfeeding consultant and an expert in nipple trauma and has worked alongside thousands of women experiencing a wide range of breastfeeding complications (within hours or days of being discharged from hospital).


And it was these women who inspired her to research the WHY.  Why are women being discharged from hospital presenting with breastfeeding complications in the early postnatal period?


After being awarded a PhD for research, her life's work evolved into The Thompson Method; a gentle and evidence based method for pain-free breastfeeding.


Her aim is to help women avoid the common, painful breastfeeding challenges that often arise as a result of inconsistent information, forceful techniques and rapid processing of mothers and babies in the hospital system.

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program is designed to help YOU:

⭐ Get a comfortable latch right from the beginning

⭐ Establish and MAINTAIN your breast milk supply

⭐ Avoid breast engorgement and MASTITIS

⭐ Provide the best possible nutrition for a healthy, happy baby

In Dr Robyn's research, 85% of women with nipple damage were using a commonly taught forceful technique that's being taught in most hospitals today.

On a budget? No problem!

Dr Robyn is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.  

She believes that money should not be a barrier to you gaining access to this information.

If cashflow is a challenge for you right now, why not take advantage of our split payment plan?

Pay half now, half later and get access to the course NOW!

That's how much we believe in this education.

Considering the cost of not taking any action, it's a small price to pay.

Payments made in AUD
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How Will The Thompson Method Program Help You?

By Showing You How to Avoid Pain and Other Common Challenges Like Low Milk Supply

Module 1

Becoming Well Prepared for Your Labour and Birth

Planning for the 3 Golden Hours

How to protect The 3 Golden Hours

Reducing the risk of nipple trauma

How to Breastfeed, even after a C-Section

Making sure your baby gets colostrum

Module 2

Getting Breastfeeding Off to the Best Possible Start

Your First Breastfeed and how it works

Understand how your body works

How to navigate the hospital system

Establishing your milk supply

How to sustain a good supply

Module 3

Avoiding Latching Issues From the Start

What most hospitals are teaching

What's wrong with common techniques?

Why to avoid others touching your baby

Inside your baby's mouth

A gentle alternative to hold your baby

Module 6

The Breastfeeding Treasure Trove

Introducing bottles & teats without causing nipple confusion and pain

How to express (pump) with maximum output and minimal effort

Breastfeeding with a tongue or lip tie

The crying and unsettled baby

Signs of growth and development

Module 5

Avoiding The Most Common Breastfeeding Complications

Common causes of nipple damage

How to improve a poor latch

Relieving breast engorgement

How to avoid mastitis

How to increase milk supply

Module 4

Observing Your Baby and Trusting Your Instincts 

Gain confidence as a mother

Get to know your baby's cues

Start trusting your instincts

How to help your baby latch correctly

Nurturing and nourishing your baby


These main modules are EASILY worth $997, considering the cost of hiring a professional consultant for this amount of breastfeeding advice, let alone advice that's based on 45 years as a midwife, breastfeeding consultant and nipple trauma expert but there’s more......

Bonus #1 Quick Start Video Series To Pain-Free Breastfeeding 

5 Quick Start videos to guide you towards pain-free breastfeeding even if your baby has a tongue tie, even if you have flat or inverted nipples, even if you're using a nipple shield and even if you've experienced painful nipples in the past. How to avoid nipple pain, engorgement and mastitis during the 3 Golden Hours and the following 3 - 5 days, as your milk is coming in ($247 AUD Value).

Bonus #2 The ‘Hold Your Hand’ 3 Golden Hours Walk-Through

How would it feel to have your baby in your arms, with no interruptions for the first breastfeed? As a special bonus, Dr Robyn walks you through the 3 Golden Hours in 5 amazing videos. Pre-Birth, the first breastfeed, the first 3 - 4 days, arriving home. She'll even walk you (and your partner or birth partner) through what to do if you are separated from your baby. There are never any guarantees how things will go, but you'll make better choices when you have the knowledge ($247 AUD Value).

Bonus #3 Teething, Weaning and Returning to Work

Dr Robyn shares her Maternal & Child Health Nurse experience on how to gently wean your baby (when you and your baby are ready) and the signs when your baby may be ready to start transitioning to food. Plus a 2-Part Video sequence for mothers who are preparing to return to work and would like to continue breastfeeding, and some tips on breastfeeding a baby who is teething! 
($147 AUD Value).

Dr Robyn's private clients pay a minimum of $1297, but you won't pay that for this course.

Her individual one on one video consultations are $297, but you won't pay that either....

Payments made in AUD
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Includes: 14-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee


The Thompson Method Course Reviews

Here's a small sample of women's amazing breastfeeding journey's using

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program 


One more time, here's what you get:

The Course (Value $997) -  To get you feeling confident and well prepared for your pain-free and stress-free breastfeeding journey

Bonus #1 (Value $247) - Quick Start Video Series To Pain-Free Breastfeeding 

Learn how to avoid painful nipples and how bottles and teats impact breastfeeding.

Bonus #2 (Value $247) - The ‘3 Golden Hours’ Quick Start Video Series Walk-Through

Dr Robyn guides you through those early hours and days of breastfeeding, 

Bonus #3 (Value $147) - Teething, Weaning and Returning to Work

Video series on how to gently wean, start transitioning to food and preparing to return to work
(Based on Dr Robyn's extensive experience as a Maternal Child & Health Nurse)


At a total value of $1638

Payments made in AUD
Want to pay in USD?  Click here

Includes: 14-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

The Thompson Method is currently being tested by research in one of Australia’s leading maternity hospitals, The Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane and recognised by more and more health professionals every day.  The aim is to improve breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.

The Thompson Method

A Proven Method For Women Who Want to Breastfeed Pain-Free

AVOID pain and other common complications with The Thompson Method;  a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding.

Dr Robyn will guide you step by step so that can enjoy breastfeeding your baby for as long as YOU choose.

Risk Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee





Dr Robyn Thompson

The Thompson Method
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