Eliminate Pain From Breastfeeding, Gently and Naturally

Even If You Suffer From Nipple Trauma, Your Baby is Using Feeding Devices, Or You Haven’t Made Breastfeeding Work In The Past

Stories of raw, sore, cracked nipples are enough to make some women avoid breastfeeding altogether. Others become so fearful and overwhelmed that they despair that breastfeeding won’t work for them.


It’s tragic, because breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and nourishing experiences a mother and her baby can have.


But once a woman experiences nipple trauma, if she listens to the conflicting breastfeeding advice at the hospital, things can quickly get worse. 


Just imagine breastfeeding pain that gets so severe that you pound your feet on the ground, caught between the nipple-vice of your baby’s mouth and the anguish of giving up on breastfeeding, and resorting to baby bottles filled with formula and heartache.

Maybe This Describes What You’re Going Through...

Or maybe you’re pregnant and want to breastfeed without suffering that experience…

If you’re a mother who is breastfeeding and has nipple trauma, or if you’re a pregnant woman who wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I’m here to tell you that breastfeeding doesn’t need to be painful. And if you have nipple trauma, it can be healed.


I’m Dr. Robyn Thompson, and during the 45-years I’ve been a midwife, I’ve worked alongside thousands of women giving birth, and I’ve coached them on how to breastfeed in a way that’s pain-free for them and stress-free for the baby.


During this time I recognised that the system is broken: it’s not set up to help you breastfeed your baby without pain--it’s designed to process you quickly to maximize efficiency and profits. 


The result is breastfeeding advice that often leads to nipple trauma and the pain, anguish, and shame that comes when a woman feels like she just can’t breastfeed her child.

If this sounds familiar, I need to tell you that it’s okay… it’s not your fault.


The system sets you (and women like you) up to fail.

Dr Robyn Thompson

A Pain-Free Breastfeeding Method That You Probably Won’t Learn In The Hospital

Babies are smart: they know what to do. 


And as long as we don’t get in their way (which is what many hospitals are teaching new mothers), healthy babies can breastfeed without inflicting pain or causing nipple trauma. 


This is the philosophy behind my researched, proven, and successful breastfeeding method, which allows women to breastfeed pain-free, and helps mothers with nipple trauma heal while bringing their baby back to their breast.


I call this method The Thompson Method, and it’s helped over 1,500 women breastfeed pain-free.


Here’s What A Few Students Had To Say About Their Experience...

"Hi Dr Robyn, I just wanted to say a quick thankyou. Because of your amazing videos, advice and the information available, I have had the most successful breastfeeding baby since her first breastfeed. This is my third baby, and I had nipples that blistered, bled and scabbed with my first, terrible engorgement and reflux with my second and both babies were unsettled for the first few months. My new baby girl is so settled as I'm reading her cues, letting her feed until she is ready to unlatch herself, and other than the slight initial nipple soreness my nipples are feeling great. 
So once again thank you for this service."

"I was struggling emotionally and physically with breastfeeding after the birth of my child. Every feed was excruciating due to terrible nipple damage and I was becoming anxious each time my baby was due to feed. Because of Robyn's support I felt encouraged to persevere and had hope that I could achieve pain free breastfeeding. And I did! I am so grateful for Robyn, she was my breastfeeding angel!"

"After a few hiccups in the first 1 - 4 weeks with attachment, painful nipples and high volume I disregarded the information I was given from the hospital and referred back to the Thompson Method.  The Thompson Method has been fantastic and without the knowledge I gained I feel I wouldn't have progressed to where I am now with breastfeeding".  

- Jane

- Michaela

- Danielle

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Avoid Or Heal Raw, Achy, And Cracked Nipples While Becoming A Pain-Free Breastfeeding Success Story

Join me on Friday, 23rd August at 4pm AEST, where I’m holding a live masterclass walking you through how to breastfeed without pain, and how to repair nipple trauma if it’s already happened.

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The Thompson Method: 7-Steps to breastfeeding pain-free

Common complications and how to deal with them

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Mother baby separation

Swaddling your baby


Supplements, ovulation, and other things that can change the smell and taste of your breastmilk

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Common causes of nipple trauma

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Returning to work (without going to bottles or formula)

How to deal with low milk volume

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How to breastfeed your baby even if your nipples are already injured... This method lets you breastfeed while healing, and actually reduces pain.

The one technique that causes 85% of nipple trauma... Discover how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Why you should give your baby 66% more time to breastfeed than the hospitals want to give you... This is crucial for nutrition, bonding, and building your baby’s breastfeeding habits.

Why your baby’s tongue is crucial to pain-free breastfeeding… Plus, the common hospital advice that turns your baby’s tongue into a torture device.

The moment most women experience nipple trauma… And how to avoid it.

Why you must be the one handling your baby at the breast as much as possible… Not well-meaning hospital staff, friends, and family.

The contrary approach that may drive hospital staff crazy… But is necessary up to 72-hours after childbirth.

What you should never let anyone else do to your baby while you’re breastfeeding… Not even your doctor.

Exactly what to say when hospital staff are trying to rush you out of your room… This works on anybody, even when you're out of the hospital.

The strange “grown-up” method to feed your baby when breastfeeding isn’t possible… You won’t hear about this at any hospital!

The right way to get your baby “off the dummy” completely… Even if your breasts are raw, sore, and need to heal.

How a nipple shield can actually make sore nipples worse… And what to choose if there’s no other way.


If You Take Advantage Of Everything I’ve Mentioned…

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