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My Experience with The Thompson Method...

"I am writing this post as I sit and reflect on the journey that I started back in June with Dr Robyn, Joanne Thompson and all the team and hope that if there is anybody who is pregnant and contemplating doing the The Thompson Method course, or is struggling with breastfeeding and considering doing a rescue with Robyn, my story might just help them to take the plunge and give the Thompson Method ago.

My 6th baby, Jacob, came literally "flying" into the world back in May, after successfully breastfeeding my 5 other children, I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know, I couldn't have been more wrong. My problems began whilst still in hospital(I didn't know that then) from not getting the 3 golden hours to being rushed to get showered and moved to another ward.

My nipples were pretty much damaged before I left the hospital after only 24 hours. Once I was home things quickly spiralled down hill for the worse, Jacob started to take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to latch, to completely refusing to latch, he would scream the entire time and I would cry silently beside him, thinking that I was the worst Mum. I had cracked bleeding nipples, I was engorged and mentally I was not in a good place, and worst of all Jacob was not gaining any weight.

I quickly got in touch with my midwife, then lactation consultant x2, ECHC nurse(no body could help) then most regretfully a tongue tie clinic, where unfortunately(for our personal journey) we had his tongue snipped, they however damaged his tongue and impacted our breastfeeding journey further. As a nurse myself, this is still hard for me to deal with and accept still.

By this point I was literally pumping every 2 hours, I was trying to use a SNS feeding system, I was topping up from a bottle with expressed milk, I was trying to use nipple shields and I was hours away from the heartbreaking decision to quit breastfeeding, this was heart wrenching for me as I knew that Jacob was my last baby.

It was midnight one Saturday night, and I was lying on the sofa googling breastfeeding problems/solutions, and trawling through Facebook for more answers and help. I had the can of formula sitting on the kitchen bench top, with a tear rolling down my cheek. Then this ad came through on Facebook feed "The Thompson Method" I quickly started to scroll through the page and then onto Dr Robyns website.

I thought to myself, Ok try one more thing, so I sent a SOS email, never thinking in a million years I would get a reply. By 9am Sunday morning I had a reply from the marvellous Marie, and by 11am the fabulous Joanne had me on a breastfeeding rescue FaceTime with the amazing Robyn. Before I even started a feed with Robyn Thompson, I knew that we were going to be ok, just from her introduction to that we would be doing and how we were going to achieve what I wanted. I cried and cried, I had found what I had been looking for.

I straight away felt heard, loved, supported, not judged and I knew we were in safe hands. On that first FaceTime , Robyn achieved what NO ONE else could, she got my little man latched, pain free and no screaming or refusal. I was gobsmacked as I was a bit skeptical about the full video calling thing and I was literally ready to jump on the next flight to Brisbane from Sydney.

She explained that everything we were going to do to get my little man exclusively breastfeeding, and that through it all my mental health and my mothering instinct was the most important thing. She shared her knowledge, compassion, her valuable time, just to name a few. Robyn taught me how to pump and bottle feed properly while we were getting the breastfeeding established, nothing was ever too much to ask, not just of Robyn but also Joanne and the team.

So what was the outcome............ After 2 1/12- 3 weeks Robyn had Jacob exclusively breastfeeding from both breasts with no top ups from bottles, no SNS, no nipple shields and today my little chunky monkey will 6 months next week and is thriving.

I wish I had've know about Robyns online course while I was pregnant, I know I wouldn't of been through half the battles I have been and I would have saved thousands on everyone/everything else.

Robyn didn't only empower me to succeed as a mum to breastfeed, but she also ignited a fire inside of me to want to help other Mum's out there, this week I have just started training to become a breastfeeding consultant in hoping that I can help anyone else, even if its just one person.

Robyn, Joanne and the full team, I will be forever grateful for everything you done for me, there is never enough words to describe how grateful I actually I am.

PS soooooooooo sorry for the long post, its hard to condense this type of thing!!!! hugs as always xxxxxxx"

~ Kelly Faytrouni


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