Expert Breastfeeding Advice,
Tailored to Address Your Unique Needs

Be gently guided and supported in your breastfeeding journey personally by Dr Robyn.  Have the opportunity to talk privately with Dr Robyn about your previous experience/s and feel confident about moving forward to embrace your next breastfeeding journey.

How can you benefit from this exclusive program?

Giving birth is a momentous occasion in any Woman's life and at times, it can become quite overwhelming. Wouldn't it be great to have your own breastfeeding mentor at your service, who happened to be an expert in both birth and breastfeeding?

Are you determined to breastfeed?

Have you experienced previous challenges in labour, birth or breastfeeding?

Could you do with some reassurance before you give birth?

Would you like a gentle voice when you arrive home?

Would you like personal, consistent and professional advice?

Would you like an expert holding your hand throughout your entire journey?


Here's what you'll enjoy

By working privately with Dr Robyn, you'll have the benefit of one on one guidance as you approach your due date with as much reassurance and support as you need.  You'll feel positive and confident about your next breastfeeding journey and enjoy 12 weeks of post natal breastfeeding support too!

Pre-Birth Consultation with Dr Robyn

As you approach your due date, a private one on one consultation will be scheduled for you (and your partner, if that's what you choose) to go over any questions or concerns you have.  It's also a great opportunity to talk with Robyn about your plan.

Access to Dr Robyn's library of online courses

Not only do you receive amazing support from Dr Robyn, you'll gain instant access to her ENTIRE library of online education including The Breastfeeding Program, Breastfeeding Sessions and her Private Collection of FAQs.

Initial Video/Skype Consultation

At at time that best suits you, Robyn will be there to with a breastfeeding consultation to guide you through those early breastfeeds.  It's a great opportunity for Robyn to observe you breastfeeding and suggest any adjustments to help you avoid pain and other common complications.  Times are always flexible around you and your baby.

Follow up online consults as required

If you feel like you need a follow up session, just let your concierge know (that's Joanne) and she'll schedule a time for you.

Membership to Premium Coaching Group

Gain access to a community of like minded women who support The Thompson Method and ask questions that Dr Robyn will personally respond to.  

Exclusive Access to Dr Robyn as required

You're bound to have plenty of questions, particularly as your due date approaches and in those first few days and weeks.  You'll have unprecedented access direct to Dr Robyn to put your mind at ease.

The Exclusive Breastfeeding Program with Dr Robyn

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE  Due to the nature of this club, Dr Robyn can only provide this level of support to a limited number of Women each month.


Pre-Birth Consultation with Dr Robyn for you (and your partner, if you choose).


Initial Video/Skype Consultation
(Includes a detailed history)

Follow up Video Consults
(if and when required)

Access to Dr Robyn's entire library of online courses

Membership to the Private Coaching Group

Exclusive access to Dr Robyn as required


"A mother feeding her baby her unique breast milk, from that moment, brings a lifetime of benefits to be respected." - Dr Robyn Thompson


My Promise To You

My mission is to share my knowledge and experience of nearly 5 decades as a midwife with you, the woman.  My aim is to educate and empower you to become the confident breastfeeding mother you were innately born to be.  

As a mother, a midwife and a grandmother, it's very disheartening for me to see so many women present with complications that are painful.  I would really like to see a change, in my lifetime,  so that together, we can increase global breastfeeding rates.

My promise to you is that I will provide as much information and support as I can to give you the best opportunity to get your breastfeeding off to a positive start.


I will reassure you, guide you and support you in times of uncertainty and encourage you to trust your maternal instincts.  And I will stay with you so that you can continue to breastfeed your baby with confidence for as long as you choose.

What Mothers Have to Say

Real Women. Real Stories.

I am confident I would not still be breastfeeding my now four month old son, had a friend not recommended the Thompson Method.    Having Robyn’s help in this emotionally and physically demanding newborn phase was amazing.   She empowered me with both the knowledge and encouragement I needed in a very difficult time.   As a result, Wilson & I are successfully continuing on our breastfeeding journey together."


"Robyn’s support, wisdom and unfailing kindness during my early struggles with painful breastfeeding, enabled me to continue. Ultimately my breastfed baby and I thrived together as I gained the confidence and knowledge to stick with it. Later, during my child’s difficult illness, Robyn’s unstinting and invaluable encouragement to continue breastfeeding made all the difference. The Thompson Method was my go-to resource after the recent birth of my second baby, who is now thriving like our older child.  I have confidently recommended Robyn's breastfeeding education to some of my new mum friends as they tackle their early breastfeeding journeys."

"I was struggling emotionally and physically with breastfeeding after the birth of my child. Every feed was excruciating due to terrible nipple damage and I was becoming anxious each time my baby was due to feed. Robyn was so kind and supportive to me during this time. She explained simple methods and helped me understand the anatomy of a good attachment so I could better problem solve on my own. She taught me techniques and together we created a plan. Because of Robyn's support I felt encouraged to persevere and had hope that I could achieve pain free breastfeeding. And I did! I am so grateful for Robyn, she was my breastfeeding angel!"



“I didn’t get nipple damage.  I didn’t hurt once.  They never even got tender.  This has been the BEST breastfeeding experience during the first few weeks.  Thank you” 


"Just wanted to send a friendly message to say thank you so much for what you do. Because of your course I have had a very successful breastfeeding journey so far with my now 6 week old. He is so happy and is packing on the Kgs... I definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Thompson Method️ x

If only I had met her before... Feeding is no longer a boobie war, feeding was a battle field. Robyn has guided me through, has spent devoted time genuinely caring for my feeds. When I want to give up she is my strength,  and my pillar to continue such a beautiful gift."




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go on a payment plan?

YES! You can split the payment into 3 payments of $350.
If you'd like to go on the payment plan just >> click here
We understand that it's a time where you're may need to invest in baby accessories, prams etc, so our split payment plan helps alleviate your cashflow. Just select this option when you checkout.

Is this only for women having difficulties?

Whilst this program would be ideal for a woman who has previously experienced breastfeeding challenges, it's also ideal for a woman who is determined to breastfeed from the start and wants to avoid the common breastfeeding complications. If you're looking for personalised ongoing support and guidance, from pregnancy, to labour, to birth and breastfeeding - particularly in those early days and weeks - then this program is definitely for you.

How does the ongoing support work?

As you'll have exclusive access to Dr Robyn, you can contact her via your concierge. Whether it's to book your Pre-Birth Consultation, a Video Consultation or you need a quick phone call, just reach out to your concierge and she'll organise it all for you. You'll also have access to her Premium Support Group where you'll receive ongoing guidance and support as required. And you'll receive unprecedented access to Dr Robyn by phone if necessary.

When is the best time to join?

It really depends on your individual circumstances. If you join before you have your baby, you'll have the benefit of Dr Robyn's Pre-Birth Consultation to reduce the risk of common complications experienced by many women in hospital. If you've experienced a previous trauma, it's also a wonderful opportunity to talk this through with Dr Robyn. If you've already given birth and you are looking for additional support, Dr Robyn will work through any challenges with you and nurture you as you continue breastfeeding your baby.

Can I reserve my place?

Absolutely yes! Due to the nature of this program and the exceptional amount of support Dr Robyn provides, spaces are strictly limited. We encourage you to to secure your place in this amazing program. If you have the luxury of time and you're planning for your birth, we would suggest having access to the education as early as possible in your pregnancy. When you talk to Dr Robyn, she will be able to recommend when the best time would be for the initial Video Consultation. It's too good of an opportunity to let it go by.

An Amazing Opportunity

Work privately with Dr Robyn and gain immediate access for only $1,997 AUD .

This program will provide you with unprecedented education, guidance and support to get your breastfeeding journey off to a positive start and continue breastfeeding with confidence for as long as you choose.

Guaranteed and unprecedented support when you need it.






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