The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding that's reducing the risk of complications for women in labour, birth and breastfeeding.  It challenges commonly taught, forceful techniques and informs women in pregnancy so that they can avoid the common complications.

The Thompson method also helps women overcome breastfeeding pain, stress and overwhelm in the presence of existing complications. 


Why are Women Adopting The Thompson Method?

​Above: Dr Robyn Thompson (founder of The Thompson Method) with Rachelle & Matraya

Because women are getting tired of being rushed through the hospital system.  They’re becoming more aware and more protective over their bodies and their babies. They’re understanding that what happens during labour and birth, greatly influences breastfeeding. 

Too many unsuspecting first time mothers are suffering breastfeeding pain; including sore, cracked and damaged nipples.

The aim of The Thompson Method is to share factual information with Women in pregnancy so that they can avoid the common birth and breastfeeding complications


This gentle approach helps breastfeeding women overcome and releive breastfeeding pain and overwhelm and continue to breastfeed, even in the presence of existing challenges such as nipple pain, low milk volume, even a crying, unsettled baby.

Online Programs

Online Resources for Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Mothers and Health Professionals

Newborn Baby with Mother

Newborn Breastfeeding Course

The First Few Days

Be fully prepared and informed for your labour and birth and reduce the risk of common and often painful complications with breastfeeding.

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$37 AUD

Breastfeeding with Nipple Pain

Pain-Free Breastfeeding Course

Overcoming Sore Nipples

Learn how to prevent painful Nipples, as well as Practical advice on how to continue breastfeeding with reduced or no pain over existing nipple damage.

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$37 AUD

Breastfeeding The Thompson Method

Most Popular

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course

The Worlds #1 Breastfeeding


The complete program to learn The Thompson Method. Be informed and in control of your breastfeeding journey.  Includes the first breastfeed, preventing pain, reflux, tongue-ties and much more.....

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$127 AUD

Better Birth & Breastfeeding Program

The Breastfeeding Club

Birth & Breastfeeding Education and Support

Be informed during pregnancy.  Be supported with breastfeeding. Immerse yourself in the Thompson Method and be part of a growing community of informed pregnant women passionate about breastfeeding.  Gain full access to Dr Robyn's online courses with daily Q&A Sessions. 

Stay as long as you need.  No minimum stay.  No contracts. 

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$49 AUD / Per Month

Breastfeeding Consultation

Breastfeeding Rescue

One on One Private Video Consultation

Get expert advice and guidance from one of Australia's leading breastfeeding consultants, Dr Robyn Thompson.  Based around your baby's feeding times, Dr Robyn will observe a full feed, and suggest a plan to get your breastfeeding back on track.  Includes a month in her Private Coaching Group for ongoing follow ups and support.

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$297 AUD

Newbor Baby Breastfeeding

The Thompson Method Professional Edition 

Student Discount Available!

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program: Professional Edition reveals the underlying anatomical factors associated with common breastfeeding complications such as painful nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis.

A deep dive into The Thompson Method.

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$297 AUD

Dr Robyn’s ❤️ Brand New eBook ❤️
The Ultimate Guide To Breastfeeding Success

Out Now!!

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Book

Reduce the risk of Breastfeeding Complications By
Learning The Basic Principles of 
The Thompson Method

If you are planning, expecting a child or experiencing any challenges with breastfeeding, there are a few SIMPLE steps you can take to ensure you have a pain-free breastfeeding experience.

In my NEW Breastfeeding Success Guide, you’ll discover The Thompson Method that will help you breastfeed your baby without pain and stress.

I wrote it after spending 1000’s of hours helping 1000’s of mothers with breastfeeding complications. 

I’ve also combined my 45+ years of breastfeeding and birthing experience so that pregnant women can avoid these complications.

I’m currently working with over 3,000 women online right now (today) and I’ll share with you what's working best right now for those amazing mothers

It’s only $7 


By learning The Thompson Method during pregnancy, you'll become more aware of the common complications you may be faced with and you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions when it matters most.

Be Aware.  Feel Confident.



Request a full refund, up to 14 days after purchase, if you're not satisfied with any program.

Backed by Research

In Robyn's research, 85% of women reported improved breastfeeding outcomes within one session of The Thompson Method.

Expert Advice

Dr Robyn's knowledge and experience is undeniable and The Thompson Method is priceless. 
And it works!

On Demand

Convenient, video based & online education.  Download PDFs and MP3s to carry in your pocket. 

Real Women. Real Results.

"My midwife referred me to Dr Robyn Thompson. I was a bit skeptical at first and just considered giving up. I am so glad to have met Dr Robyn, and her intuitive method. She is so heavenly, and graceful. Her method is so natural,  my pain has reduced. Dr Robyn Thompson technique is to be spread and shared between ALL women, brothers, husbands and father's."

"Just wanted to send a friendly message to say thank you so much for what you do. Because of your course I have had a very successful breastfeeding journey so far with my now 6 week old. He is so happy and is packing on the Kgs... I definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Thompson Method️ xx"

"Thanks to you feeding my 4th baby has been a breeze. I didn't get nipple damage. I never hurt once. They never even got tender. It has been the BEST breastfeeding experience during the first few weeks. Thank you."

Patricia & Jaiden



The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding now being tested by research at the Mater Mothers' Hospital (Brisbane Australia) and challenges commonly taught, forceful techniques.


The Thompson Method has helped thousands of women continue to breastfeed their babies, even in the presence of existing complications.





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