Learn the art of Breastfeeding using The Thompson Method.

Having a baby is a momentous occasion.


You’ve done your research, posted in Facebook Groups, searched on Google, and there is so much free information out there...... but it can be conflicting, confusing not to mention overwhelming! 


The Thompson Method is a gentle evidence based approach to both birth and breastfeeding.... and it works!


If you want to be well prepared for your labour and birth, and you're determined to breastfeed, then this course is for you.

For First Time and Experienced Mothers!



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Newborn Breastfeeding Course

An online breastfeeding course helping soon-to-be mothers avoid common breastfeeding complications from the very beginning from Dr Robyn Thompson, founder of The Thompson Method.

Who Is This Course For?

Expectant first time or experience mothers who are determined to breastfeed

Women who are planning (or likely to have) a C-Section and determined to breastfeed


Women who have previously experienced birth or breastfeeding challenges, but still determined to breastfeed

At least 93% of women in Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Canada intend to breastfeed at the time of giving Birth but only 15% are still exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months

What Will You Learn?

What your rights are and how to negotiate the hospital system to best manage unexpected situations.
How to reduce the risk of painful complications in the early hours and days of breastfeeding. Includes how to establish a good breastfeeding latch to avoid nipple pain using The Thompson Method.
The significance of the very first breastfeed in your overall breastfeeding journey and how best to prepare for it.
What to do if separated from your baby (C-Section), so that you can establish your milk production and so that your baby can receive your colostrum.
The principles of establishing your milk volume and maintaining a good supply once your milk volume has peaked.
Breastfeeding tips on how to reduce the likelihood of reflux and/or colic so that your baby's digestive system is calm and relaxed.
Suggestions for planning in advance so that you feel supported and prepared once you arrive home with your baby.


Why The Thompson Method?

Commonly taught, outdated and forceful techniques are closely linked to painful breastfeeding complications and women are suffering because of it.


The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to birth and breastfeeding.  It harnesses the mammal’s natural instincts and provides you with the education and tools to be well informed, confident and prepared for your labour, birth and for breastfeeding.

The Thompson Method Is Backed By Research... And it Works!

Program Content


Preparing for Your Birth

Learn that what happens during labour and at birth greatly influences your breastfeeding experience.  You'll gain the confidence to make INFORMED decisions for you and your baby when it matters most.


The First Breastfeed

Understand the significance of the first breastfeed and why it's so important that it's uninterrupted and not delayed.  Learn to trust your instincts and your baby's ability to locate your nipple for the first breastfeed.


The First 72 Hours

Discover how the first 72 hours influences your milk production and learn how to avoid breast engorgement, mastitis and nipple pain in those first few hours and days.


At Home with Your Baby

Dr Robyn shares some tips on how to manage early discharge and arriving home with your newborn baby.  Also how to best maintain your milk production.


Mother Baby Separation

What to do in the event of a C-Section or when your baby is taken from you. Avoiding cow's milk formula and how to gently and efficiently express (by hand or using a pump).


Bonus Video #1 - Swaddling

Dr Robyn shares information on swaddling your baby and nurturing your baby's instinctive reflexes.


Bonus Video #2 - Supplements

Discover things that may alter the taste and smell of your breast milk, such as vitamins, supplements, medications and more and consider the effects on your baby's digestive system.

14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Created by World Renowned Breastfeeding Expert Dr Robyn Thompson

Dr Robyn Thompson


In her 45 years as a midwife, Dr Robyn Thompson has had the privilege to observe thousands of mothers and babies breastfeeding, particularly in the important first 72 hours after birth.  

"Women were coming to see me, some with horrific nipple damage, only hours or days after being discharged from hospital and I wanted to know why this was happening," says the passionate midwife.  "And as a professional, I decided it was my responsibility to learn more." 

"By sharing my knowledge and experience, my aim is to help prevent these complications in the first instance by informing women during pregnancy so that they can become more aware and empowered." - Dr Robyn Thompson

What Women are Saying


The Thompson Method has helped thousands of women successfully breastfeed their babies.





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