Stop Dreading the Next Breastfeed and Start Looking Forward to it!

Motherhood is challenging enough without the excruciating pain of cracked and bleeding nipples. 


In this 60 minute Masterclass, you'll learn how to relieve or reduce your pain and overcome latching issues with The Thompson Method.

Breastfeeding Pain is Not Normal

You’re suffering through cracked, grazed or damaged nipples. 


You’re tired of being STUCK in pain.


And you know that if you could just find a way to get that perfect latch, you’ll finally be able to breastfeed pain-free, just like Caroline:

You’ve done a great job so far, and it’s not uncommon for breastfeeding to be a challenge.


And sometimes, the stress of painful nipples becomes overwhelming.


But the good news is, it's not as hopeless as it may seem.

So, how much time  are you spending: 

Dreading the next feed?

Seeing multiple consultants with no improvement?

Pumping (expressing) because your nipples are too sore?
Bottle feeding your baby ebm or formula?

This is NOT how you should be spending your time. 


You should be spending it on admiring your happy, healthy and content baby.

When Did The Pain Start?

For many women it starts in hospital, when you are shown how to breastfeed.  

Along with inconsistent, conflicting advice using outdated forceful techniques.  

And you're so exhausted, you trust that what they're doing must be right.

So far, every time you’ve tried advice from friends, family, social media and even some health professionals, one of these things happen: 

The pain got worse
It created another problem
You found yourself back where you started…. Dreading the next feed

Sound about right?

Well take a breath.  You've come to the right place.

After being discharged from hospital with painful nipples, Zanna contemplated giving up breastfeeding…..


Then she discovered The Thompson Method and things started to dramatically improve.

Here’s a snippet of her story…..


What if there IS a way to breastfeed PAIN-FREE and that it just requires some GENTLE adjustments that no one else is talking about? 

Some women struggle through breastfeeding, trusting the advice from well meaning family and friends, social media group and even some health professionals.


Why does this happen?


Because commonly taught techniques taught in many hospitals are forceful and are closely linked to painful breastfeeding complications.

But women are starting to realise that they have the power to be in control and acknowledge that what’s happening in our hospital system may not be in the best interests of the mother and her baby.


Still, the question is….

Why are so many women giving up breastfeeding because of pain?

Because THEY are yet to discover this new method for

Pain-Free Breastfeeding


Introducing Dr Robyn Thompson

A midwife, breastfeeding consultant and internationally renowned nipple trauma expert with over 45 years experience.

A message from Dr Robyn Thompson​

I have been privileged to have had 45 years midwifery experience and have worked alongside women experiencing a wide range of breastfeeding complications (within hours or days of being discharged from hospital).  

And it was these women who inspired me to research the WHY. Why were women being discharged from hospital presenting with complications in the early postnatal period?


After being awarded a PhD for research, my work evolved into The Thompson Method; a gentle approach to birth and breastfeeding.


After so many years being with women birthing and breastfeeding, I truly believe that the maternal instinct is to be honoured and respected. 


My aim is to encourage a woman to trust that innate feeling inside her.  To listen to what her instincts are telling her. They will always guide her.  She just has to learn to trust them.


Sometimes, that can be challenging, particularly when faced with the pressures and chaos that exist in today’s medical system.

Here's What Women Are Saying

This Pain-Free Breastfeeding Masterclass

is designed to help YOU:

Avoid or overcome latching issues

Prevent or relieve painful nipples

Breastfeed without pain (or reduced pain) even over existing nipple damage

Breastfeed on your terms, for as long as you choose

But that’s not all...

How Will the Pain-Free Masterclass Help You? By Walking You Through

The Thompson Method, Step-By-Step. 

Here's what you'll get...

The Masterclass Itself

Learn why the commonly taught, forceful techniques should be avoided…. At all costs!

See for yourself, the results of Dr Robyn's research that demonstrates WHY so many women experience painful breastfeeding

Discover the secrets to pain-free breastfeeding so that you get to choose how long you breastfeed for

Understand how the hospital system is making things difficult for women who want to breastfeed and how you can be well prepared for this in future.

The main Masterclass alone is EASILY worth $497, but there’s more...

Bonus #1:  60 Min Quick Start Series to Avoid Pain

5 Quick Start videos to guide you towards pain-free breastfeeding even if your baby has a tongue tie, even if you have flat or inverted nipples, even if you're using a nipple shield and even if you've experienced painful nipples in the past.

Bonus #2: The Breastfeeding Club

30 days access to Private Facebook Group and Q&A with Dr Robyn so that you can get unstuck in challenging times.  Get the support you need by being a part of a like minded community of women choosing to adopt The Thompson Method.  You don't have to go through this alone.

And here’s the thing…

Everything in this Masterclass is incredibly powerful when you put it to use. 


But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity?


Where will you be next year?


Sadly, only 15% of Australian women are exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months!


Is that in line with your breastfeeding goals?


Wouldn’t you like to choose how long you breastfeed your baby for?

And what happens if you do take advantage of this 60 minute Pain-Free Masterclass?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many other women who've made the choice to adopt The Thompson Method.


Women who were on the verge of giving up, who then went on to breastfeed for 15 months or more!

The Pain-Free Masterclass is designed to get you exactly that, and you'll start feeling an improvement as soon as you implement the gentle approach of The Thompson Method.


The Thompson Method is shared in a few different ways. 


1:1 coaching clients pay $997, but you won’t pay that.  1:1 video consultations are $297, but you won’t pay that either…”


This is the same presentation that Dr Robyn has shared with her midwife colleagues all around the world and now you have the opportunity to see what many hospitals don't want you to know!!

Normally $197


Payments made in AUD
Want to pay in USD? ONLY $66 USD       Click here





One more time, here’s what you get:

Masterclass (Total Value - $497): Which will help you avoid or reduce pain for your next breastfeed!

Pain-Free Breastfeeding Video Program (Total Value - $297): Which shows you how to get breastfeeding off to a pain-free start, and how to achieve a successful 3 Golden Hours

The Breastfeeding Club (Total Value - $197): 30 days access to Private Facebook Group and Q&A with Dr Robyn so that you can get unstuck in challenging times.  

At a total value of $991

But you only pay $97

If ALL this did was reduce your pain so that you didn’t have to give up breastfeeding, would it be worth it?


If it meant you didn’t have to pump every day because your nipples were too sore, would it be worth it?

And Remember…

You could be breastfeeding with reduced pain or even pain-free at your next breastfeed

So, what are you waiting for?


Are you ready to Breastfeed Pain-Free?


Normally $197


Payments made in AUD
Want to pay in USD? ONLY $66 USD       Click here

Join the movement of breastfeeding women choosing to adopt The Thompson Method

Normally $197


Payments made in AUD
Want to pay in USD? ONLY $66 USD       Click here