Pain-Free Breastfeeding: Relieving Breastfeeding Pain

A breastfeeding mini-course on how to overcome and relieve breastfeeding pain; including sore, cracked and damaged nipples using The Thompson Method;

The Thompson Method, is a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding that will immediately help you relieve sore nipples.   


Learn The Proven Method for Preventing and Relieving Breastfeeding Pain

Motherhood is challenging enough without the burden of sore, cracked or damaged nipples.

You may have tried all the well-meaning advice you've been given from friends, family, social media or even other health professionals!

But chances are, you're still in pain.

The Thompson Method challenges forceful techniques that may well be the cause of your pain and what's more it's backed by research....and it works!!!


You can get back to breastfeeding your baby pain-free, in most cases within 24 hours-48 Hours.  



14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Who Is This Course For?

Breastfeeding mothers currently experiencing sore, cracked, damaged & painful nipples.

Mothers in so much pain that they feel forced to give up breastfeeding.

Mothers who have endured a previous traumatic breastfeeding experience and would like to avoid nipple pain next time.

In Dr Robyn's research, 85% of the women with nipple damage, reported improved outcomes in only one session with The Thompson Method.

What Will You Learn?

What are the commonly taught breastfeeding positions you should avoid that may well be the cause of your breastfeeding pain.

How to prevent and relieve sore nipples and continue breastfeeding, even in the presence of existing nipple damage using the proven method of breastfeeding: The Thompson Method.


How to prevent further breastfeeding complications such as breast engorgement and mastitis.

How to minimise the risk of other complications when using bottles, teats and nipple shields. 

How to gently express your breasts, even painful breasts, either by hand or using a breast pump.

Why The Thompson Method?

Commonly taught, outdated and forceful techniques are closely linked to painful breastfeeding complications and women are suffering because of it.


The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to breastfeeding.  It harnesses the mammal’s natural instincts and provides you with the education and tools to make some gentle adjustments so that you can get back to breastfeeding your baby pain-free.

The Thompson Method Is Backed By Research...It Just Works!

Program Content


Common Contributors to Nipple Pain

Dr Robyn shares her research about a commonly taught and forceful technique that is closely associated with painful nipples.  She offers some gentle alternatives to avoid or overcome pain.


How to Reduce Breastfeeding Pain

Dr Robyn reveals her gentle approach that's unique to The Thompson Method to help overcome  or reduce nipple pain with just some gentle adjustments.


Preventing Sore Nipples in the First 72 Hours

Dr Robyn guides you through the importance of The First Breastfeed and first 72 hours for preventing nipple trauma so that you feel confident to breastfeed pain-free.


Bottles, Teats and Dummies (Pacifiers)

Dr Robyn shares some information on how oral apparatus (teats & dummies) can contribute to nipple pain and offers suggestions on sizes and shapes to minimise pain and complications with breastfeeding.


The First 72 Hours in Review

Dr Robyn reviews the importance of this time for the mother and her newborn baby in establishing milk production and avoiding sore nipples and other breastfeeding problems.


Bonus Video #1 - Low Milk Volume

Common causes of low milk supply and how to avoid it.  How to increase your low milk volume. Breastfeeding Tip: it doesn't involve eating breastfeeding cookies, or drinking breastfeeding shakes


Bonus Video #2 - Returning to Work

Maintaining your milk volume when returning to work.  Expressing your breasts in sync with your baby's feeding times.  Avoiding 'gravity' feeding when bottle feeding.

14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

Created by World Renowned Breastfeeding Expert Dr Robyn Thompson

Dr Robyn Thompson


In her 45 years as a midwife, Dr Robyn Thompson has had the privilege to observe thousands of mothers and babies breastfeeding, particularly in the important first 72 hours after birth.  

"Women were coming to see me, some with horrific nipple damage, only hours or days after being discharged from hospital and I wanted to know why this was happening," says the passionate midwife.  "And as a professional, I decided it was my responsibility to learn more." 

"By sharing my knowledge and experience, my aim is to help breastfeeding women overcome or at the very least reduce the pain they are experiencing and also to prevent these complications in the first instance by informing women during pregnancy so that they can become more aware and empowered."

- Dr Robyn Thompson

What Women are Saying


Sign up for Pain-Free Breastfeeding today and get instant access for a once only payment of $37.   And to reassure you that you'll find this program helpful, we offer a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.  If you don't find the breastfeeding information helpful, just request a refund, no questions asked!






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