Common Causes of Reflux and Colic

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Dr Robyn's experience suggests that gastro-intestinal complications such as reflux and colic have been closely related to the rapid transfer of high breast milk volume to the stomach. As with other complications, it is necessary to have a detailed history of events and to observe a full breastfeed to understand the individual mother-baby situation in the presence of reflux and colic.

In this video, Dr Robyn talks with Georgie about high milk volume and the implications of short, frequent feeding and high milk volume associated with reflux and colic.

Dr Robyn Thompson talks to Georgie about her opinion on bottle teats. Whilst breastfeeding, a baby draws back the nipple and part of the breast tissue to mould to the shape of his/her own unique oral cavity. When having to introduce bottle feeding whilst breastfeeding, try to simulate the process of the baby at the breast.

Some tips to observe:

  • Slightly sit your baby up, with the bottle at her lips

  • Allow her to start 'rooting' for the teat (like she does at your breast) and be careful not to gravity feed

  • Encourage your baby to draw back the teat and once she has started to stimulate the milk flow, gently tilt the bottle towards her lips.

  • Only allow a little a time as you try to simulate a breastfeed, so as not to overfeed her with rapid (gravity) milk flow.

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