Burping and the Rest & Digest period

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

When a woman asks whether she should burp her breastfed baby, Dr Robyn's response is to trust her own instincts. If you feel as though your baby is unsettled and needs to be burped she suggests holding your baby upright so you're stretching the diaphragm and the stomach out, so the middle part of their little body is stretched out, allowing the air to rise, and then they'll burp.

In the Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course, Dr Robyn dives deep into what she refers to a the 'Rest & Digest' period.

While resting after the first breast, you'll observe your baby stretching out to aid in the digestive process before demonstrating cues of readiness to complete the feed on the second breast.

This is also a good time for a nappy change to prevent disturbing the satisfied baby from drifting into peaceful sleep.

Image: A 10 day old baby girl enjoying her 'rest & digest' period

The reason Dr Robyn suggests the 'rest to digest' period is to slow and calm the digestive system and work with your baby’s cues. Air moves through the digestive system with the wave-like movement of the intestine and will pass through the rectum as wind (farts).

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