Keep your fingers out of my vagina...please!

So many women are subjected to routine vaginal examinations during labour. The question is...... Are they even necessary? 😧

Dr Robyn Thompson, a midwife with 45 years experience encourages you to be strong and to say ❌"NO" ❌if you are feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable and suggests that there alternative ways of assessing the progress of your labour. 🙅‍♀️

Be informed. 📖 Be strong. 💪 Be empowered. 🦸 Be in control of your labour, birth and breastfeeding experience. 👶

🤱 The Thompson Method is evidence based research helping women prevent common birth & breastfeeding complications and helping women overcome these complications in the presence of exisiting pain or damage.

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Dr Robyn Thompson

The Thompson Method
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