The 3 Golden Hours

With 45+ years as a midwife, breastfeeding consultant and nipple trauma expert, Dr Robyn Thompson is re-inventing breastfeeding education with the aim of helping women avoid the common and often painful breastfeeding complications.

Her hope is that by educating women who want to breastfeed during pregnancy, she can help them understand that the events that occur during labour and birth, greatly influence their breastfeeding journey.

It's important to acknowledge that intervention may be necessary in some circumstances. However, it's the unnecessary interventions and other unnecessary and often routine procedures that are complicating the natural process of giving birth and gently breastfeeding.

This video series is designed to take you on a journey to discover things such as:

  • The critical importance of the very first breastfeed (The 3 Golden Hours)

  • Your rights and the need for your legal consent

  • Common routine procedures and whether they are necessary

  • Implications of opiate pain relief on the breastfeeding baby

The 3 Golden Hours Video Series

Video #1: Why the 3 Golden Hours immediately after birth are so critical for the breastfeeding mother and her baby.

In this video, you will discover how the hospital system is designed for efficiency, which may not be in the best interests of the mother and her baby and you'll see how important it is for women in pregnancy and breastfeeding women to aim to protect these 3 Golden Hours.

Video #2: It's Your Body. It's Your Baby.

In this video, Dr Robyn encourages women (and their advocates) to know and exercise their rights to ensure that if intervention is recommended (such as induction of labour), they understand why! With the rapid processing of the hospital system, Dr Robyn suggests that the women and her professional colleagues are at risk of becoming VICTIMS OF THE SYSTEM!

Video #3: #1 Oversight is not to plan for breastfeeding

It's understandable that pregnant women are focused on their labour and birth. It's a big deal. But in this video, Dr Robyn explains how important it is to focus a little further, on the 3 hours following birth. Doing so, may actually help you reduce the risk of complications during labour, birth AND with breastfeeding.

Video #4: Are you concerned about the pain of labour and birth & considering pain relief?

In the last video of the series, Dr Robyn shares information on the effects that opiate pain relief, such as epidurals, may have on a woman's ability to remain in control of her labour and birth. The experienced midwife also shares her observations on the implications associated with breastfeeding the newborn baby.

Every woman's labour and birth experience is unique and Dr Robyn encourages you to carefully consider the options available to you, particularly in relation to opiate pain relief.

I hope you've enjoyed the 3 Golden Hours Video Series.

Would you like to:

  • Feel fully prepared, confident and empowered as you approach the birth of your baby?

  • Reduce the risk of complications during labour and birth?

  • Avoid nipple pain, mastitis and the fear of low milk supply?

  • Gently breastfeed and nourish your healthy, happy baby?

Learn more about The Thompson Method and how you can achieve your breastfeeding goals, with the added bonus of 30 days in Dr Robyn's Breastfeeding Club with regular Q&A sessions, watch parties and more!

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