The 3 Most Important Hours for a Mother and her Baby

I would like to introduce you to the three golden hours that are so important for you and your baby. In my 45 years of midwifery experience, many people appear not to understand how critical these golden hours are immediately following birth.

During this time, unnecessary interruption may lead to painful complications that distress you and your baby. In my experience, one of the major problems is routine procedures that interrupt and delay the first breastfeed. The pressure to rush a mother and her baby in, through, and out of the system is unrealistic. Routine procedures can wait unless absolutely necessary. We know that hospitals are geared towards time efficiency.

My encouragement is for women to rightfully protect the valuable time which benefits her and her baby. I'd really like to offer three suggestions to you to safeguard those three golden hours. Firstly, aim to avoid unnecessary interventions, such as induction or acceleration of labour, an epidural or spinal anaesthetics involving the administration of opioids. I do acknowledge there may be some times for some women, when intervention is necessary. But for most women, intervention is unnecessary.

Secondly, prepare your birth and breastfeeding plan so that you are in control and those who are caring for you understand your rights. My third suggestion is to be sure you have a strong advocate by your side. One of the reasons that women feel they are not in control of the three golden hours is because they are victims of the system. The system is not designed to accommodate and respect a mother during these early hours.

I hear stories from women everyday who feel they're obliged to follow orders that may not be beneficial to them or their baby. For example, early induction commonly results in cascading interventions that statistically increase caesarian section rates. I really would like to encourage you to know your rights. You have the power to be in control, protecting yourself and your baby during those three golden hours. The professionals caring for you have a duty of care to provide you uninterrupted time and personal space. Remember, you have the right to say no.

My passion is to share my knowledge and experience with you. Remember, it's your body, it's your baby.

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