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Breastfeeding Challenges?

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Breastfeeding Rescue  is a One on One Video Consultation with Dr Robyn Thompson guiding you to achieve significant, even dramatic results.

Dr Robyn Thompson, breastfeeding expert with 45 years experience as a midwife, will help you resolve your breastfeeding challenge.  Plus, she will stay with you until you are back on track with breastfeeding!

A Private Video Consultation with Dr Robyn will:

Allow Dr Robyn to observe a full breastfeed by Skype (up to 2 sessions* included), so that she can provide you with professional advice that's unique to YOU and YOUR BABY.


Provide you with the opportunity to share your history and individual situation with Dr Robyn, who will listen and work with you to create a plan to get you back on track.

Provide you with ongoing support in her Premium Support Group until you are able to get your breastfeeding back on track. 

Common Challenges Dr Robyn Can Help With

Painful nipples

Low milk volume

A crying, unsettled or fussy baby

Tongue & Lip Ties

Large or Small Breasts


High Milk Volume

Colic and Reflux

Breast Engorgement & Mastitis

Flat or Inverted Nipples

Going back to work

Transitioning back to your breast
(from a nipple shield, bottle, SNS)

Why would The Thompson Method work, when nothing else has?

The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence-based method that is challenging forceful techniques and  helps Women overcome pain, stress and overwhelm, even in the presence of existing painful and stressful complications.   


It’s likely to be quite opposite to what’s being taught in most hospitals, and it works!  Thanks to Dr Robyn's research, knowledge and experience, The Thompson Method is helping women reclaim their power so that they can breastfeed their babies for as long as they choose.

Dr Robyn Thompson


Fact:  In Dr Robyn's research, 85% of the women with nipple damage, reported improved outcomes in only one session.


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What's Included?

You'll have the choice of either Skype or Facetime for your appointment. This way, Dr Robyn will be able to observe a full feed and provide you with expert advice based on your individual needs.  Your scheduled time is flexible based on your baby's feeding needs.  If your baby is not ready at the scheduled time, Dr Robyn will gladly wait or re-schedule if need be.  

Expert Advice


Dr Robyn is a breastfeeding specialist with over 45 years experience as a midwife and was awarded a PhD for her research into nipple trauma.  By observing a full breastfeed she will be able to provide you with advice that's unique to you.

Skype or Facetime


It's preferable to use a laptop or desktop computer so that you can focus on your baby.  If you only have a mobile, it's ideal if you have someone with you to hold the phone in place and move it around if Dr Robyn asks.  Alternatively, you could have it on a stand or selfie-stick.

Free Access to Online Education


Dr Robyn wants you to own the knowledge.  That's why, when you book a Breastfeeding Rescue, you'll receive immediate access to The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program, including Pain-Free Breastfeeding.

Private Coaching Group


Participate in a community of like minded professionals and other breastfeeding Women who report benefiting from The Thompson Method.  Dr Robyn personally answers questions in this group. Stay until you get your breastfeeding journey back on track

Frequently Asked Questions

The Thompson Method is currently being tested by research in one of Australia’s leading maternity hospitals, The Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane and recognised by more and more health professionals every day.  The aim is to improve breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.


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