The Thompson Method

Our aim is to share factual information with women who want to breastfeed so that they can be more empowered and confident when giving birth in hospital and reduce the risk of painful breastfeeding complications

Why The Thompson Method?

This gentle, evidence based method was created by Dr Robyn Thompson, a midwife with over 45 years experience who was awarded a PhD for her research into why so many women were being discharged from hospital with painful nipple trauma and other complications.


What is so different about The Thompson Method?

The Thompson Method challenges the forceful techniques that are linked with painful nipple trauma, that are commonly taught in most hospitals.  It’s for ALL women who want to breastfeed, but particularly those giving birth in the hospital system because it offers a gentle alternative to help women AVOID the most common and painful breastfeeding complications.

But it’s more than just the technique on how to get a good latch.  It is that, but it’s so much more.

It’s understanding how breast milk is produced so that you have the confidence to trust that your breasts will nourish your baby without fear of low supply.  

It’s about being empowered to feel that you are in control of your labour, birth and breastfeeding experience.  

It’s having the knowledge to understand that what happens during labour and birth will greatly influence your breastfeeding journey.


It’s the awareness that nipple shields, bottles, teats and dummies (pacifiers) will also impact on your breastfeeding journey.  

And at the very foundation of this gentle, evidence based method is a very powerful belief.

A belief that every woman and her baby is unique.

It’s a belief that every baby will be born in its own time; not at the convenience of hospital policy.

It’s an understanding of the importance of the first breastfeed and that routine procedures should not interrupt or delay this precious time between a mother and her baby.

It’s having respect for the strength of one woman to give birth to her baby, with full support of how incredible both she and her baby are.

By adopting The Thompson Method you are more likely to experience a positive breastfeeding outcome.


The decline in breastfeeding rates


Initiate breastfeeding


Formula in 1st week


Breastfeeding at 4 months


Exc. Breastfeeding 6 months

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Nipple Pain is the Number One Reason Why Women Give Up Breastfeeding


We’re passionate about helping women avoid or overcome painful breastfeeding complications and believe that knowledge is the key to reducing fear and anxiety.


By reducing unnecessary intervention during labour and birth, women using the Thompson Method are preventing the common and often painful complications often associated with breastfeeding.


The aim of The Thompson Method is to share factual information with women in pregnancy so that they can be more empowered and confident when giving birth in hospital.





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The Thompson Method
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