About Dr Robyn Thompson

Reinventing Breastfeeding Education

Dr Robyn Thompson, with 45 years midwifery experience is reinventing the delivery of breastfeeding education.  Her evidence based research challenges commonly taught forceful techniques and encourages women to trust their maternal instincts.

Dr Robyn has worked alongside women experiencing a wide range of breastfeeding complications (within hours or days of being discharged from hospital). 
And it was these women who inspired her to research the WHY. Why were women being discharged from hospital presenting with complications in the early postnatal period?

After being awarded a PhD for her research, the passionate midwife then went on to create
 The Thompson Method; a gentle approach to birth and breastfeeding.


After so many years being with women birthing and breastfeeding, Dr Robyn truly believes that the maternal instinct is to be honoured and respected. 


One of Dr Robyn's main aims is to encourage a woman to trust that innate feeling inside her.  To listen to what her instincts are telling her.  They will always guide her.  She just has to learn to trust them.


Sometimes, that can be challenging, particularly when faced with the pressures and chaos that exist in today’s medical system.


"By sharing my knowledge, experience and wisdom, my aim (before I leave Mother-Earth) is to encourage a movement of strong, empowered women and mothers who have the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies, even when faced with unexpected situations."

- Dr Robyn Thompson




Postgraduate Pharmacology & Prescribing for Midwives (8034NRS)


Awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy by the Australian Catholic University (13th October)

2001 - 2007

Research: Maternal & Child Health Service – In Home Breastfeeding Programme – analysis and reporting of data 2003-2007 in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

2001 - 2008

Research: In-Home Lactation Consultancy, Maternal & Child Health Service, Melbourne

1991 - 1992

Child, Family & Community Nursing. Deakin University, Warrnambool, VIC


Maternal & Child Health Certificate, Melbourne, VIC


Student Midwife, Western Hospital

1961 - 1964

Student Nurse, Western Hospital, Melbourne



Since being awarded her PHD in 2014, Dr Thompson has had a number of research papers published.


Her PHD research was based on a 4 year database with retrospective analysis records of 653 records of women who presented with breastfeeding complications to an In-Home Breastfeeding Service in Melbourne Australia.  


PHD THESIS: A Restospective, Cross-Sectional Study of an In-Home Breastfeeding Programme.


LITERATURE REVIEW:  An account of significant events influencing Australian breastfeeding practice over the last 40 years


A CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY: Potential predictors of nipple trauma from an in-home breastfeeding programme.






Dr Robyn Thompson

The Thompson Method
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