The Thompson Method

Professional Edition

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program

Professional Edition

A comprehensive online program covering a detailed and anatomical account of The Thompson Method for health professionals dedicated to improving breastfeeding outcomes for Women and their babies.

Learn from Dr Thompson as she shares her knowledge and experience gained from over 45 years as a nurse, midwife, maternal and child health nurse and breastfeeding specialist.

Discover the history of how the statistical research evolved and what were the most compelling observations of Women experiencing varying degrees of nipple trauma in the early postnatal period.

Gain a detailed account of the underlying anatomical factors that inspired The Thompson Method, in particular the Cranio Cervical Spine and the Intra Oral Cavity of the newborn baby.

What's different about The Thompson Method?

The Thompson Method is a gentle and intuitive approach to breastfeeding and is based on an anatomical understanding of the breastfeeding Mother and her baby.  The method challenges commonly taught (and forceful) techniques that have become outdated and problematic for breastfeeding women experiencing painful complications.

7 Modules, over 25 Videos

Dr Robyn Thompson (founder) presents a series of educational videos to develop an anatomical understanding of The Thompson Method.

Online Assessment

Each module concludes with an assessment to help you monitor your progress in the course.  Maintain a diary record of the time spent completing this course to go towards CERPs.

Educational Content

Dr Thompson discusses topics that include anatomical principles to reduce the risk of painful nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis.  Also included is a review of commonly taught techniques closely associated with painful nipple trauma in her research.

Members Breastfeeding Club

Participate in a community of like minded professionals and breastfeeding Women who report benefiting from The Thompson Method.  Regular Q&A Sessions and information sharing.

** Case Conferencing Via Live Video Consultations

Challenging cases may be addressed via a Skype/Video session with Dr Thompson, yourself and your client. 


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The Professional Edition

(An Online Video Course)

The information contained in this course is designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of The Thompson Method.

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7 Modules

Over 25 HD Videos

Assessment Modules

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Bonus 1: Newborn Breastfeeding

Bonus 2: Pain-Free Breastfeeding

Bonus 3: Breastfeeding Club


The Thompson Method was created by respected midwife and breastfeeding consultant, Dr Robyn Thompson

The aim of Robyn sharing her knowledge, experience and wisdom with women and health professionals is to improve breastfeeding outcomes and prevent common breastfeeding complications such as painful nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis.

In 2014, Dr Robyn was awarded a PhD with the main question being “Why do so many women present with breastfeeding complications, particularly varying degrees of painful nipple trauma in the early postnatal period?”

Dr Robyn would like to acknowledge the women, babies and the families who generously shared their breastfeeding experiences for the purposes of this education program.

Dr Robyn Thompson



Program Content

7 Modules, 27 Videos, Over 120 minutes

Module 7

Intra-Oral Devices

2 Videos

Bottles & Teats

A comparison of a variety of teats

Implications with Intra Oral Function

Using a Nipple Shield

Nipple Shields and Nipple Trauma

Module 1

Early Breastfeeding

5 Videos

The First Breastfeed

First 72 Hours

Feeding from both breasts each feed

The Rest and Digest Period

The Crying Unsettled Baby

Module 2

Nipple Trauma

5 Videos

Nipple Trauma

The Cross Cradle Technique

Cradling the Baby

The Cranio Cervical Spine

The Intra Oral Cavity

Modules 3 & 4

Face To Breast Symmetry

& Simulation

5 Videos

Face to Breast Symmetry

Fine Tuning

The Process of Simulation

Mother Baby Separation

C-Section (Abdominal Extraction)

Module 6

Baby Behaviours

5 Videos

Stimulating and Swallowing

The Baby's Cues

The Fussing and Breast Refusing Baby

Sleepy Baby

Nappy Change

Module 5

Common Complications

5 Videos

Breast Engorgement

High Milk Volume

Low Milk Volume

Flat or Inverted Nipples

Tongue Tie


Students, save 30% on The Professionals Edition

Dr Robyn is so passionate about sharing her information with her colleagues, that she offers a very special discount to all student midwives, nurses and health professionals.

The Thompson Method is currently being tested by research in one of Australia’s leading maternity hospitals, The Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane and recognised by more and more health professionals every day.


Course Reviews

Over 2000 people have taken this course and are getting amazing results. 

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Jane Doe

Cleveland, QLD

Jane Doe

Cleveland, QLD

The Thompson Method Reviews

Health Professionals globally are recognising the gentle approach of

The Thompson Method

As a lactation consultant I have sat with countless mothers and babies struggling and in pain as they contort into unnatural positions to feed.  Using the Thompson Technique (Method), I've seen these same mothers and babies relax and enjoy a feed for the first time.  This is often accompanied by an exclamation of "why wasn't I shown this before?".  I share their frustration.  It's time we used this as a first approach to avoid many complications and tears.


Lactation Consultant, Clinical Midwife

I have implemented The Thompson Method with at least 10 mothers in the last fortnight, with great results!  One mother was shown a mother-led, cross cradle hold with nipple shaping on the post natal ward.  On presentation to clinic she had nipple pain and grazes, was teary, exhausted and overwhelmed.  I asked her to demonstrate the positioning she was currently trying.  She held baby behind the neck, shaped nipple with her fingers resting on the areola and shoved baby onto the breast.  She proceeded to let go of the breast after a few minutes and winced in pain.  Together, we moved her arm around the baby and off the back of the neck, left her breast untouched and adopted The Thompson Method.  She immediately felt more comfortable, dropped her shoulders and looked at me in amazement.  She said something like "Why didn't any of the midwives looking after me for the last four days show me this?"


Lactation Consultant, Clinical Midwife

Implementing The Thompson Method into my practice has been invaluable.  Mothers report how comfortable it is in reducing nipple pain but also their own posture.  Many mums lean over their babies into pillows creating awkward positions that strain neck and back, but with The Thompson Method, shoulders and elbows are relaxed and the feed enjoyable.  The mother also learns to be more tuned into her baby's feeding cues, particularly during the 'rest and digest' phase.  Milk transfer is optimal.  Reminding the mother to check for the four points of breast symmetry ensures deep latch and nipple comfort.  As the Thompson Method encourages hands off assistance, this leads to the mum being empowered and confident in her ability and this has been a pleasure to witness.


Lactation Consultant, Clinical Midwife


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The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course: Professional Edition

Newborn Breastfeeding


5 Videos designed for expectant Mothers, focusing on those all-important first few days following the birth of the baby.  

Pain-Free Breastfeeding


5 Videos on how to prevent nipple pain and practical advice on how to continue breastfeeding with reduced or no pain over existing nipple damage.

The Breastfeeding Club

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Gain one month FREE access the Breastfeeding Club.  It's private Facebook group for breastfeeding women and professionals.where Dr Robyn shares more information with regular Q&A sessions.

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