Breastfeeding Pain | The #1 Breastfeeding Technique To Avoid For Pain-Free Breastfeeding

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If you've experienced excruciating breastfeeding pain including grazed, cracked or bleeding nipples, you'd probably give anything to find out why it's happening and more importantly what you can do to change things.

Why do so many women struggle with Breastfeeding Pain?

Inconsistent, conflicting information and forceful breastfeeding techniques being taught in the hospital system often result in breastfeeding pain for many first time and experienced mums. Women are often told they need to "do better" by the hospital system, leaving them feeling like a failure who can’t provide the nourishment her baby needs. ⁣

No woman should ever have to feel like this.⁣

Dr Robyn

Dr Robyn Thompson, founder of The Thompson Method and a midwife and nipple trauma expert, with 45+ years experience encourages women to become educated during pregnancy, so that they can make informed decisions and reduce the risk of breastfeeding pain when it matters most.

With a unique perspective comprising of extensive experience in both the hospital system AND with women who chose to give birth at home, Dr Robyn Thompson began to notice a pattern.
In her role as a breastfeeding specialist, she discovered that the women who were presenting to her with breastfeeding pain and other breastfeeding complications like cracked, bleeding, damaged nipples, engorgement & mastitis, had been recently been discharged from the hospital system...
However, the women who gave birth at home, were not experiencing the same sort of breastfeeding pain.
This inquisitive midwife asked 'WHY?'

And that inspired 7 years of research (for which she was awarded a PhD) into why so many women were being discharged from hospital experiencing breastfeeding pain, nipple pain and painful nipple trauma, particularly in the early hours and days of breastfeeding.
And this research evolved into The Thompson Method.

So what were the results from Dr Robyn Thompson's research?

Out of 653 women who were experiencing painful nipple trauma, breastfeeding pain and nipple pain, 85% of those women had been taught one particular technique that involved holding the baby by the back of the head, neck or shoulders and forcing the baby to the breast.
This forceful breastfeeding technique (which is still taught in many hospitals) is known as the cross-cradle technique and is something that Dr Robyn Thompson strongly encourages all women to AVOID.
As shown in the image above, according to Dr Robyn Thompson's research, women who hold their baby by the base of the head, neck or shoulders are twice as likely to experience excruciating nipple pain.

Want to know how to relieve nipple pain when breastfeeding?

Dr Robyn's Number #1 suggestion to relieve breastfeeding pain is to avoid the forceful breastfeeding technique, known as the cross-cradle hold.

The reality is that many health professionals are still 'teaching' women to use this forceful breastfeeding technique, and it's not an uncommon story for women to report having already seen multiple lactation consultants before experiencing relief with a more gentle, intuitive approach known as The Thompson Method.

The good news is that breastfeeding pain from damaged nipples can be relieved, often with some gentle adjustments, based on the principles of The Thompson Method so that women can continue breastfeeding for as long as they choose to.

How to avoid Breastfeeding Pain. What every expecting mother should know.

According to Dr Robyn's research, breastfeeding pain and complications such as nipple trauma, sore nipples, breast engorgement and mastitis can be traced back to a delay or interruption to the 3 Golden Hours

The experienced nipple trauma expert says the newborn baby should not be separated from the mother unless absolutely necessary.
If a baby's APGAR score is 7 or above, that baby belongs with the mother.
It's important to acknowledge that there are times when medical intervention is necessary and some babies may require some assistance.
However, unnecessary intervention, such as unnecessary induction of labor, increases the likelihood of a mother being separated from her baby, soon after birth.
By learning how to reduce the risk of unnecessary intervention, many women using the gentle approach of The Thompson Method are avoiding the common complications, including breastfeeding pain and nipple damage that particularly occur in the early hours and days of breastfeeding.
Unnecessary and routine procedures such as weighing, bathing or injections can and should wait!

Better birth and breastfeeding begins with better preparation. 

Dr Robyn

The Thompson Method: The gentle and evidence based method for pain-free breastfeeding

What Exactly Is The Thompson Method? 

The Thompson Method is the gentle, evidence based method towards pain-free breastfeeding that honors the breastfeeding mother and her baby and is different to what's being taught in many hospitals.
This gentle approach challenges forceful breastfeeding techniques and will help you overcome painful nipples and in the best case, avoid breastfeeding pain altogether.

But The Thompson Method is more than just the breastfeeding technique on how to get a good latch. 

It is that, but it’s so much more.

It’s understanding how breast milk is produced so that you have the confidence to trust that your breasts will nourish your baby without fear of low supply.  It’s about being empowered to feel that you are in control of your labor, birth and breastfeeding experience.  It’s having the knowledge to understand that nipple shields, bottles, teats and dummies (pacifiers) will impact on your breastfeeding journey and so much more.

If you’re serious about breastfeeding your baby, avoiding breastfeeding pain from latch issues, low milk supply and you want to avoid reflux, colic and an unsettled baby;  If you have flat or inverted nipples, large breasts, small nipples, or are concerned that your baby may have a tongue tie; If you want to breastfeed but feeling anxious, The Thompson Method will help reduce your fear and increase your confidence and help you uncover your full potential as a breastfeeding mother.

There is so much inconsistent and conflicting information being shared online which causes confusion and frustration for many pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. 

In such a noisy and busy space and many women share stories of feeling overwhelmed and don't know who to trust.

How is The Thompson Method different? 

The Thompson Method is not just a breastfeeding technique.
It's a holistic journey from pregnancy, labor, the birth  of your baby to breastfeeding your newborn baby and understanding that these are all unique transitions. 

Dr Robyn Thompson's research clearly demonstrates that over the last 50 years, a woman's pregnancy, her labor and the birth of her baby have become increasingly medicalised with an increase in interventions such as unnecessarily inducing a woman's labor, which increases the risk of an emergency c-section. 

Understanding that the decisions you make during your labor and the birth of your baby, will greatly influence the 3 Golden Hours and your breastfeeding journey.

Having the right education, preparation and understanding of the principles of breastfeeding based on The Thompson Method will provide you with the confidence to make informed decisions, so that you can reduce the risk of common complications such as induction of labor, breastfeeding pain and mastitis, and actually enjoy your breastfeeding experience with your baby for as long as you choose.

Is The Thompson Method Worth it?

In Dr Robyn's research, 85% of women reported improved outcomes after only 1 session with The Thompson Method.  Dr Robyn's practice is based on sharing the outcomes of her PhD Breastfeeding Research. Only 15.4% of Australian Women breastfeed to 5 months, less than the World Health Organisation recommended 6 months. Most of the Western World have similar outcomes including the UK, Canada and the USA

Dr Robyn (at the age of 77) has worked alongside thousands of women experiencing a wide range of breastfeeding complications (within hours or days of being discharged from hospital). And it was these women who inspired her to research the WHY. Why were women being discharged from hospital presenting with complications in the early postnatal period?



What are the 3 Golden Hours?

The 3 Golden Hours refer to the immediate hours after a mother gives birth. It’s so important that mothers are given these 3 hours to breastfeed their baby and form that immediate bond.
Which makes a lot of sense, right?

So why does the hospital system often interrupt a mother and those 3 important hours with her newborn?

At the end of the day, hospitals are businesses, they want you in and out as quickly as possible for efficiency.

That means routine hospital procedures like injections, which don’t need to be done immediately after birth, disrupt these 3 precious hours.

The big issue with this is that it delays the first breastfeed when it’s best for the baby to feed soon after they’re born.

When the first breastfeed is disrupted, it increases the risk of complications down the track especially breastfeeding pain, nipple trauma, engorgement and mastitis. 

Did you know that in Dr Robyn Thompson's PhD research Breastfeeding Pain is the Number One Reason Why Women Give Up Breastfeeding?  

If you’re like many other pregnant women around the world, you may be wondering if breastfeeding will be painful for you. 

The reality is, if you do not educate yourself in pregnancy and rely on being shown 'how to breastfeed' in the busy hospital system, it's highly likely that you will experience breastfeeding pain.

After assisting thousands of women who were experiencing breastfeeding pain, it's understandable why Dr Robyn Thompson, encourages women not to wait until you have your baby in your arms before you start learning about breastfeeding.

The truth is, knowledge is power.  Breastfeeding education during pregnancy is the key to reducing fear and anxiety around your labor, giving birth to your baby and breastfeeding. 

Would you like to reduce your risk of breastfeeding pain and breastfeeding complications? 

Download 'A Gentle Guide Towards Pain-Free Breastfeeding' based on The Thompson Method: A gentle, evidence-based method for pain-free breastfeeding.

Inside this guide Dr Robyn Thompson, breastfeeding specialist and midwife of 45+ years and nipple trauma expert shares her Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips to guide you towards pain-free breastfeeding....right from the first breastfeed. And if you are currently experiencing pain and are looking for breastfeeding pain relief, this pain-free breastfeeding guide is for you. 

Download your FREE Pain-Free Breastfeeding Guide>> Click Here


The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence based approach to pain-free breastfeeding now being tested by research at the Mater Mothers' Hospital (Brisbane Australia) and challenges commonly taught, forceful techniques.


The Thompson Method Pain-Free Breastfeeding Success Stories 

The Thompson Method has helped thousands of women successfully breastfeed their babies and we are confident it will work for you too. But don't just take our word for it, read real stories, from real women who were able to overcome painful breastfeeding complications or had a pain-free breastfeeding experience from the start. 

Feeding twins with no breastfeeding pain, after severe nipple damage from previous 9 babies!

'9 breastfed babies, all caused severe damage. All used cross cradle hold.  My new twins, two weeks in. No damage. Used Thompson Method from the beginning as best as I knew. Continuing to do better with more advice from Dr. Robyn”  ~ Lora Leah A

I had immense pain, cracks and bleeding.  I found the Thompson Method around 2 weeks in and reached out for help

"We've made it to just over 6 months of breastfeeding! Phoebe is my third child. I breastfed my first daughter for 2 weeks but didn't manage to work through our issues. My second boy we got to over a year but had to overcome a load of hurdles.

This little lady didn't latch until day 2, then I had immense pain, cracks and bleeding. I found the Thompson Method around 2 weeks in and reached out for help. The support from Joanne Thompson and Dr Robyn Thompson was what I needed (and admin of course!). I gave up breastfeeding twice (the second time for a week) after multiple bouts of mastitis and being in pain, whilst juggling young children. But the encouragement and video one-to-ones gave me the boost I needed to keep trying and we have been fine since! Soooo grateful. Thank you x" ~ Blaze H

I tried to breastfeed my other 7 babies the pain was so bad I ended up quitting within 2 months

"I can’t thank all you women who run this page enough!! My little just turned 6 months and I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding her since birth. She is my 8th baby and although I tried to breastfeed my other 7 babies the pain was so bad I ended up quitting within 2 months. I will forever be grateful for the confidence and advice this page has brought me over the past 6 months. It’s been an amazing experience. Thank you!!" ~ Candice B

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

From breastfeeding pain to 100% pain free for over 24hrs! 

"Just wanted to give an update from yesterday’s post. Somehow, someway, something clicked last night between my two week old and I. She’s been latching deeply and I’ve been 100% pain free for over 24hrs. I don’t know what changed, but I’m so very thankful for it. Thank you to everyone to showed out to support us. It hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated." ~ Payton

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

We conquered bleeding and cracked nipples, painful blebs, painful engorged breasts, clogged ducts and mastitis

"I just want to say how thankful I am for finding this group and implementing this method! My baby and I did this together. We conquered bleeding and cracked nipples, painful blebs that had to be popped with a sterile needle for 2 weeks every night. We beat painful engorged breasts, clogged ducts and mastitis with home remedies and lastly resorted to antibiotics that messed up his digestive tract where he only pooped once every 15 days or so. There were many many times where I wanted to quit but Beau wouldn’t let me.

I have felt hopeless, defeated, and cried numerous between numerous feedings. I’ve tried giving him the bottle but he would literally push it away and turned his head to be nursed. Beau is almost 6 months old and wears 12 months clothes!!! My handsome little man never gave up and he is my strength in all of this. Thanks to this method, learning how to fine tune, understanding how babies are supposed to properly latch is what made this breastfeeding journey a successful one. Happy Holidays everyone! Any moms who feel like giving up... just keep going one more day. It will get easier! πŸŽ„πŸ’•πŸ’•
" ~ Sokkha V

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

No breastfeeding pain or nipple trauma thanks to The Thompson Method

"3weeks and four days ebf since day 6 ❀️ so grateful for this group, Doctor Robyn and the Thompson method. I was just hearing from everyone that your nipples ARE gonna hurt and bleed but that's how it is. And you ARE going to get mastitis and blocked milk ducts. Well, no I didn't. Don't have pain or trauma ❀️ My little Arrietty resting and digesting πŸ₯° the program is worth every penny and the support you get from the support FB group is amazing ❀️" ~ Pinja

For our first breastfeed my sons head and my boob was handled forcefully and I had breastfeeding pain before I was discharged 24 hours later

"Yesterday my first born baby turned ONE!! When I was pregnant I had my heart set on breastfeeding. I watched so many videos, read loads of articles and went to all the local breastfeeding classes .....I honestly thought I was prepared..... I found the Thompson Method just before I gave birth and it really resonated with me I didn’t purchase the program in pregnancy because I was naive and left it to chance. I thought breastfeeding would come naturally πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ WRONG!! For our first breastfeed my sons head and my boob was handled forcefully and I was in pain before I was discharged 24 hours later.

I remember thinking “wow that Dr Robyn was so right!” My son was diagnosed with a “tongue tie” and lactation consultants told me I needed to be more rough with my baby and that my ripples would tough up 😞 I purchased the program a few weeks later because I was in so much pain. Breastfeeding became unbearable and I was so overwhelmed.

I didn’t get my sons tongue clipped, I didn’t need to. I followed Dr Robyn’s education on attachment and I was pain free within a few days!!!!! Literally enjoying breastfeeding after a few gentle changes 😍 I cannot recommend Dr Robyn’s program enough. I wish I would’ve invested before my son was born so I could’ve known everything I know now. Don’t hesitate. You will not regret it! Thank you to everyone who helped along the way but especially to Dr Robyn Thompson for the amazing work she has done with women across the world πŸ’– πŸ’ͺ🏼
" ~ Chelsea K

The Thompson Method Reviews

I feel so empowered that I have been able to feed my baby without any issues or breastfeeding pain. 

"If you are lucky enough to land on this page I cannot recommend the Thompson Method enough. Being a first time mum and pregnant during a global pandemic I was so nervous and not sure if I would breastfeed or not... until I found Dr Robyn!

Listening to her caring attitude and knowledgeable approach, I 100% knew I wanted to feed my baby myself and was confident I could do it without any of the breast feeding horror stories I’d heard from other mums- the videos explain everything so well and reassured me I could do this.

I was fully prepared for my birth and knew exactly what to do when my baby arrived. Thank you so much to Dr Robyn and the team, I feel so lucky to have come across your programme when I did, your help and guidance has been a huge tower of support to me throughout my pregnancy and during the pandemic when I could not attend other pre natal classes. I feel so empowered that I have been able to feed my baby without any issues or pain. Knowing you are there to lean on with questions when I have them is such a comfort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel truly blessed to have found you, you are amazing ❀️
" ~ Lindsay F

EBF and Breastfeeding Pain-Free since birth

"My boy is now 1 month old. He’s my second but first to successfully breastfeed. I was over my due date with an ivf baby so agreed to be induced (I was also in a lot of pain since he was in the wrong position) so of course I had the drip and had an emergency c-section.

My team was aware of my birth preferences and followed them the best they could. He needed the cpap machine but thankfully didn’t need to be taken to NICU like my first. I was given skin on skin half an hour later and had our first feed a couple of hours later. We had trouble latching in the beginning so of course I was assisted I tried to say no but they weren’t understanding of what I was trying to say/do.  Any way I’ve over come nipple pain, no trauma thankfully and we now have a smooth breastfeeding journey. He’s also now a lot happier and sleeping better as well. My advice is keep going it does work out and ask for help if your struggling. Also just wanted to say thank you for having this group I love that it’s a non judgmental group, unlike the other breastfeeding pages 😏
" ~ Aleesha C

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

Nurse left the room and I moved her to do the Thompson Method and it was pain free and she was a pro! 

"Finally had our baby girl today via c section. Elizabeth Is 8 lbs 9 oz and 20.5 inches long. She had a stressful entrance into the world... 36 hours of laboring to figure out her head was stuck in my pelvis. Made no progress from 9cm dilated. Doctor and we opted for a C Section since I was absolutely exhausted and ready to just have this baby in my arms! Success story... they have to monitor her for 4 hours because of the stress and she had meconium... They brought her to me for a while to breastfeed. The nurse had me hold her like a football due to my csection cut. Baby girl latched right on but it hurt. Nurse left the room and I moved her to do the Thompson method and it was pain free and she was a pro! Thank you sooo much for all of the information! We will continue practicing!" ~ Sarah R

The Thompson Method Reviews

EBF and Breastfeeding Pain-Free since birth

"My beautiful Hannah Maree born Friday 27th, I had an emergency c section due to her being breech and I had started contracting. I made everyone aware I wanted her straight to my chest and we had our full golden hours she latched and fed about 1 hour after birth, she has been amazing with feeding ( I call her a boobie piranha ), thank you too the breastfeeding club with fine tuning, the golden hours and the information provided I have EBF since birth pain free, she has a great latch and I’m feeling more confident with the knowledge I have gained from Dr Robyn. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°" ~ Kelly D

The Thompson Method Reviews

I had a really tough and painful breastfeeding experience with my first baby due to the forceful breastfeeding techniques I was taught

"Today my baby turns 1 and I wanted to thank Dr Robyn for her amazing program! I had a really tough and painful experience with my first baby due to the forceful techniques I was taught. We managed to make it to 10 months but it definitely wasn’t easy. After I got pregnant with my second, I told myself that I would try to breastfeed, but if it was painful again, I would just switch to bottle feeding because I wasn’t willing to go through all that pain again. Around 7 months into pregnancy, an advert for the Breastfeeding Program popped up on my Facebook and it caught my attention.

I joined the free group and watched some of the videos but I wanted to know more! It was around the end of November and my mum had asked me to think about what we all wanted for Christmas, so I said I wanted the program and she bought it immediately. I got an early Christmas present and started watching all the videos in preparation for my baby’s arrival. It all made so much sense!! 🀯 and from then onwards I was determined to breastfeed and make it work πŸ’ͺ🏼 When my baby arrived, he latched on soon after birth, but I started to experience pain again. I decided to book a Breastfeeding Rescue with Dr Robyn when he was about 36 hours old, so that she could help me with some fine tuning. That consultation was worth every single penny. Thanks to the guidance from Dr Robyn and her program we have made it to my goal of 1 year exclusively breastfeeding! And no sign of stopping for now πŸ’œ Thank you also to Joanne, Marie, and Jacki, who work endlessly so that more women can have the amazing experience I’ve had
" ~ Susanna J

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

He latched instantly and I haven’t had any pain, the nurses all claimed they never seen anything like it! 

"This Is Nicolas Angelo Rodriguez. Born January 22nd, 2021 at 2:08pm. We had to have an emergency c- section due to his heart rate rapidly decreasing. I was so scared πŸ₯Ί all I wanted to know was if my baby was okay. Instead of 3 golden hours we got 12 uninterrupted hours of time together. He latched instantly and I haven’t had any pain, the nurses all claimed they never seen anything like it! We are doing great and hoping to go home tomorrow. Thank you Thompson Method for helping me prepare for the unexpected!πŸ† Update: forgot to mention he was 9lbs 5oz and 20.5 inches long!" ~ Angela R

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

"The Thompson Method completely changed my life and saved my breastfeeding journey."

Dr Thompson is a nurse with a LOT of experience. She bases her advice on evidence-based research that she conducted herself. 

Her approach is gentle and straightforward. Within 24 hours, I was breastfeeding pain-free. Simply by following the advice on her  Facebook group. 

Another few months and I had managed to wean my son from the nipple shield. I was getting more sleep, my breasts had healed and my son was healthy.



Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

"I suffered with cracked/bleeding nipples, engorgement, breast refusal, low milk supply, low weight gain, tongue tie revision, using SNS system, topping up with bottles, nipple shields, expressing every two hours, you name it, I seemed to have encountered it!"

"πŸ™ŒLONG APPRECIATION POSTπŸ™Œ Well it doesn’t seem possible that it has been a whole year gone by where I sat and wrote about how thankful and grateful I was to Dr Robyn for myself and my little chunky monkey to reach one year breastfeeding.

Well here we are again, we just hit 2 years of breastfeeding and as well as saying thank you to Dr Robyn I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the amazing and beautiful ladies of the breastfeeding club. There have been times in the last year where the sleep deprivation kicked in that comes along with looking after 6 children, working, studying the list goes on that I nearly came close to stopping.

However I read all your amazing posts which have been and continue to be inspiring, this along with my chunky monkey asking for his “minkies” kept me going, so thank you πŸ™πŸ» The road at the beginning wasn’t just rough, it had been dug up to be resurfaced. I suffered with cracked/bleeding nipples, engorgement, breast refusal, low milk supply, low weight gain, tongue tie revision (where they temporarily damaged one side of his tongue) using SNS system, topping up with bottles, nipple shields, expressing every two hours, you name it, I seemed to have encountered it.

I called upon the services of 3 different lactation consultants, private midwife, and anyone else who I thought could help but unfortunately it came along with so much conflicting advice and exacerbated my challenges even further to the point I was looking at a tin of formula with tears rolling down my cheeks and a heavy heart, I was questioning my every decision and instinct.

This was because I had successfully breastfed my previous five and couldn’t understand why I was such a failure this time round πŸ˜” Fast forward to my breastfeeding rescue with Dr Robyn, she took me under her wing, reassured me that I wasn’t a failure and one by one worked through my challenges.

Within 4 weeks my son was exclusively breastfeeding pain free, no top ups, no nipple shields and was thriving.  πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ₯° So once again... THANK YOU Dr Robyn, the full team and all you incredible ladies πŸ₯° A picture of my chunky monkey with all his brothers and sisters... πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
" ~ Kelly F

Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

Miserable to happy in 24 hours.

My baby is 9 weeks. So for the past 4 weeks or so my baby’s breastfeeding has gone from great to absolute rubbish. It started with a little bit of fussiness and quickly progressed to an absolute nightmare the past week, to the point where every feed was traumatic. She was crying and screaming during feeds, after feeds, in between feeds. I didn’t know if it was colic, silent reflux, gas/wind, a cold, I had no idea. I’ve sought advice from my GP, a midwife, my maternal health nurse and the breastfeeding association. I was told it’s normal, just a stage or a leap. I was feeling so deflated and I’d heard a lot about the Thompson method so decided in my pits of despair to give it a go. The difference in just 24 hours is incredible. I’m shocked! My baby has been feeding amazingly, not crying at all during feeds or after feeds and not pulling her legs in wind pain at all. She’s just happy, super chilled... It’s unbelievable. I wanted to post so that if anyone is struggling, this really (so far) has worked for me, it’s like she’s a different baby. Oh and she slept her longest stretch last night, 6 hours!! 

Source: BabyCentre


The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

Exclusively Breastfeeding 6 Months Thanks to The Thompson Method

"Today we are celebrating my gorgeous little Lyra turning 6 months old! Not just that, but also our beautiful breastfeeding journey and being able to exclusively breastfeed for six months (and going strongly) thanks to the wonderful program - an achievement I am incredibly proud of. Breastfeeding rates in the UK are low, in 2010 only 1% of babies were exclusively breastfed at 6 months old and I am incredibly proud to be part of that statistic. We have breastfed through jaundice at the hospital and through many worries of Lyra being on the lowest percentiles for weight (between 2nd and 3rd), all without any suggestion of formula top ups from anyone (for once the system was on our side!) and without any pain using the four points of contact. Thank you to the wonderful group that comes with the program for all of the support, in particular the fantastic Jill Duke who has spent countless hours troubleshooting problems with me and convincing me that Lyra is putting weight on just fine according to her own unique growth curve and giving me the confidence and peace of mind to believe it (eventually! πŸ˜‚) ❀️" ~ Anastasia

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

My nipples are finally healing and breastfeeding is no longer painful!

"This guy is 11 weeks old and we are FINALLY breastfeeding pain free! I’ve had nipple pain and trauma from the start. I had come to terms with breastfeeding being a painful experience and planned on just powering through and hoped to make it to 6 months. I came across the Thompson Method 3 weeks ago and after 2 weeks of implementing the Thompson method my nipples are finally healing and breastfeeding is no longer painful! I desperately wanted breastfeeding to be a successful and enjoyable experience and it’s finally looking like it will be! We just might make it a year!" ~ Samantha J

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Reviews

I experienced the most peaceful, stressless and pain free breastfeeding first week with my baby. I'm beyond amazed.

"A week ago today I had my third Son after a 10 year gap. During my pregnancy I stumbled across a video of Dr. Thompson and was immediately drawn in to her message on Breast feeding as my two previous sons I had experienced every breast feeding issue you can have. To be honest when she spoke of little to no pain breast feeding, I didn't believe her as much as I wanted to, when it's the only way you've experienced breastfeeding and the same with every other woman around you, it is kinda hard to believe. I sat on the fence about purchasing her program and just watched as many of the videos she put out on social media. About four weeks out from Birth I stopped being a skeptical tart Lols and bought her program.

I didn't have time to watch every single video, in fact I was pissed at myself for not getting it when I first saw it as I could have got more from it over the course of my pregnancy. I prepared my birth plan and unfortunately it got thrown out the window because of an emergency c section. However, to the best of my ability under the stressful and traumatic circumstances, as soon as baby was able to be placed on me I started to follow as best I could what I could remember from the videos I watched. Apart from a few midwives trying to shove baby's head onto my nipple and me telling them to back off I experienced the most peaceful, stressless and pain free breastfeeding first week with my baby. I'm beyond amazed. It felt so easy, so right and what every mother deserves to experience. I'm so grateful I stumbled across that video six months ago. Thank you Dr Thompson.
" ~ Sariah O

Looking for Breastfeeding Tips on how to avoid breastfeeding pain? Why not start Your Pain-Free Breastfeeding Journey with The Thompson Method

Pain-Free Breastfeeding Guide

Download 'A Gentle Guide Towards Pain-Free Breastfeeding' based on The Thompson Method: A gentle, evidence-based method for pain-free breastfeeding. Inside this guide Dr Robyn Thompson midwife of 45+ years and nipple trauma expert shares her Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips to guide you towards pain-free breastfeeding....right from the first breastfeed

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Download 'A Free Guide Towards Pain-Free Breastfeeding'

Based on The Thompson Method: A gentle, evidence-based method for pain-free breastfeeding. Inside this guide Dr Robyn Thompson midwife of 45+ years and nipple trauma expert shares her Top 10 Tips to guide you towards pain-free breastfeeding....right from the first breastfeed

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